Online Chess Classes For Kids

Initially known as ‘Game of Kings’, chess is a game that challenges and teases your brain. Chess is about thinking, analyzing, and planning. While you’re making your first move, your opponent has already started thinking about their next move.

Boost your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills by joining Wizaru’s online chess classes for kids. Our online chess course is specifically designed to help your child learn chess step by step.

Find Your Perfect Online Chess Teacher

Every chess master was once a beginner. And that makes them the best ones to teach and guide beginners to ultimately become a master one day

Wizaru will help you find the best online chess teacher for your kids. Our online chess tutors are highly-qualified and trained to help your kids learn at their comfort.

Our courses are beginner-friendly that will help kids adapt to the game easily. We have 1:1 class to facilitate focused attention on every learner.

What makes Wizaru the Best choice for learning chess?

1:1 private classes to allow focused attention
Grandmasters and national achievers guiding the students
Choose a time slot that suits your routine
Beginner-friendly courses to boost confidence in kids and motivate them
Teachers sharing their experiences and stories to learn from
Fun and interactive classes to make learning effortless
Regular tracking of progress and examination
Well structured curriculum to best suit the students

Learning chess is all about playing the right move at the right time.

When kids learn this game at an young age, their minds get well-equipped to apply those skills learned in real life. Chess is a great way to develop the following skills from an early age

Improves Concentration - Chess demands a well focused brain to be good at it. Playing chess helps in improving concentration in kids. As a result, it also enhances their memory power and the ability to think and analyse.

Logical Thinking - Chess helps students see the logic behind every move. In this way they gradually develop the skill of thinking logically. To analyse your opponent’s next move, you should be able to be in their shoes and read minds.

Problem Solving - In chess, your opponent’s move can become your problem and you need to find a solution for that. The skill of problem solving is essential to succeed in chess and in life.

Mathematical skills - Playing chess challenges your brain and teases it to find ways to solve a problem. Playing chess improves mathematical ability and critical thinking skills

Apart from the above skills, chess also enhances imagination and risk-taking skills.

When kids are in the growing stage, learning these skills would shape their mind and give direction to their thoughts. Chess will make them focused and rational in their approach towards life.

Chess is less about winning and more about learning from the defeats. One of the qualities a chess player possesses is learning from their mistakes. Because they can’t afford to make the same mistake in their next match. One more quality that has its utility in real life.

Chess and life is similar. It is considered a miniature of life as it resembles battles and struggles.

Wizaru has taken care of all the things, from the right teacher to the right method of learning. We provide a personalized dashboard for your kid’s learning to keep a track on what they learn.

We have a dedicated support team to assist you throughout your kid’s learning journey. Start your journey with us today!


1. How are the online chess classes conducted?

First you choose your preferred day and time. On that day, you can join the meeting through the Wizaru dashboard. The meeting/class is conducted via Zoom meetings.

2. How are tutors selected for online chess courses?

Verification of personal information with the help of valid identity proof (telephone, email and photo). Their educational background and certifications are also thoroughly checked.The reviews for our tutors are completely authentic.

3. Why should we go for online chess coaching?

Today, we are building relationships and connections over online mediums. Why should we compromise on learning?
With rapid digitization, both teachers and students have mastered the use of digital tools. Learning with Wizaru is simple, easy, and fun.

4. What is the average rating of teachers conducting an online chess course on Wizaru?

Teachers on Wizaru have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. All tutors are certified and qualified to teach kids.
Wizaru support team remains at your service in case of any inconvenience you may face.You can reach us via phone, and mail.