Online Rubik's Cube Classes For Kids

To tease your kid’s mind and make it sharper, there is no better alternative than making them solve a Rubik’s cube. Wizaru has different Online Rubik’s Cube Classes for the little ones to learn and conquer the skill.

Join our online Rubik’s cube class today to boost your confidence and challenge yourself.

Learn how to solve Rubik's Cube Online

“If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.” -- Erno Rubik

Rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungarian inventor, Erno Rubik. Rubik’s cube was initially called the Magic Cube and was first licensed to be sold in 1980.

Rubik’s cube is a game against time, the goal is to solve it in the least amount of time possible. The first Rubik’s World Championship was held in Hungary in 1982. The winner solved the cube in 22.9 seconds.

Through our rubik’s cube online classes, kids can learn so much more than just solving the cube. Rubik’s cube is known to benefit kids in improving their brain muscles and enhancing mathematical skills. Some of the advantages of learning to solve Rubik's cube are

Strengthens Memory- Solving a Rubik's cube requires you to remember certain algorithms and formulae. Therefore, solving it regularly will help in improving your kid's memory power.

Improves problem-solving skills - As we know, Rubik's cube is a puzzle to be solved which challenges the mind to think of plausible solutions. One might find a Rubik’s cube solution online, but that would restrict your brain from thinking of other solutions. Hence, it’s best when you learn while solving a cube. It helps to foster your kids' problem-solving skills.

Enhances Concentration- The more difficult a problem is, the more concentration you need to solve it. Rubik’s cube demands your undivided attention to discover solutions and methods to solve it. Attending Rubik’s cube classes online will be beneficial in improving your kid’s concentration.

Fosters Patience - Kids are restless and often lack patience and stability. Rubik’s cube is a great way to inculcate patience in growing children. It will not only help them be a pro cube solver but also in real-life challenges. Patience is the key to achieve your goals. The earlier you learn, it’s better.

Keeps your mind active - Guess who gets bored easily? Kids! And rubik’s cube online classes will keep their minds active and engaged. Thinking of solutions will tease their mind and challenge them at the same time.

Why Rubik’s Cube Classes Online At Wizaru?

1:1 private classes to provide focused attention on every learner
Well-qualified teachers to help your kids learn guitar
Structured vocal music lessons for beginners to boost confidence in kids and motivate them
Teachers sharing their experiences and stories to learn from
Fun and interactive classes to make learning effortless
Regular tracking of progress and examination
Well curated curriculum to suit every student
Complete practical approach towards learning
Learning at a pace that suits the learner

We have Rubik’s cube courses for beginners that would make it easy for kids to learn Rubik’s cube online.

Wizaru has taken care of all the things, from the right teacher to the right method of learning. We provide a personalized dashboard for your kid’s learning to keep track of what they learn. Our dashboard is simple and easy to use.

Wizaru has teachers who are highly qualified from top institutes. Our teachers are trained, friendly, and helpful.

Teachers at Wizaru are highly rated by the parents and the reviews are 100% authentic. They will guide your kids through their learning journey and help them achieve the best of their potential.

We have a curriculum that supports the overall development of kids through learning. We also keep a check that your kids don’t compromise on their regular academics, and so, we provide you the flexibility to choose the time slot that suits your kid’s routine.

We have a dedicated support team available 24x7 to assist you throughout your kid’s learning journey. Start your journey with us today!


1. How will rubik's cube online classes be conducted ?

First you choose your preferred day and time. On that day, you can join the meeting through the Wizaru dashboard. The meeting/class is conducted via Zoom meetings.

2. How are tutors selected for Rubik’s cube classes Online?

Verification of personal information with the help of valid identity proof (telephone, email and photo). Their educational background and certifications are also thoroughly checked.The reviews for our tutors are completely authentic.

3. Why should we go for Rubik’s cube classes online?

Today, we are building relationships and connections over online mediums. Why should we compromise on learning?
With rapid digitization, both teachers and students have mastered the use of digital tools. Learning with Wizaru is simple, easy, and fun.

4. What is the average rating of teachers conducting rubik’s cube online classes on Wizaru?

Teachers on Wizaru have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. All tutors are certified and qualified to teach kids.
Wizaru support team remains at your service in case of any inconvenience you may face.You can reach us via phone, and mail.