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Discover the soulful music in strings with Wizaru’s guitar classes online. From the basic chords to the tune of your favorite songs, learn it with one of the best online guitar classes on our platform. Our courses are beginner-friendly, fun, and interactive.

Start with your guitar classes online and become the rockstar of every party!

Learn Classical Guitar Lessons Online

Do you know? The guitar originated almost 4000 years ago. It derives its name from the Spanish word ‘Guitarra’.

The guitar is considered to be the world’s second most popular instrument. Although the guitar became famous in Spain initially, it has its ancient roots in Egypt.

Guitar slowly attained the limelight and became a known instrument in countries around the world. People started learning the instrument and it became one of the most loved musical instruments.

Learning In The Digital Era

In today’s digital era, learning has taken a step ahead towards the online mode. And one cannot deny that this online mode has actually made learning much more accessible.

Today, if you search how to learn guitar chords, you’ll end up seeing dozens of videos and tutorials on the same.

Now, one thing that might be revolving in your head is how learning this instrument helps you. We are more than happy to list the amazing benefits of learning guitar:

Improves Concentration- When you play guitar, it’s important to be focused on hitting the right string. One slip of the finger and your tune can mess up. Hence, playing guitar can help kids enhance their concentration.

Strengthens Memory - According to the University of Zurich, playing the guitar stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for cognitive and muscle memory. So it becomes a great way to boost your kid’s memory with daily practice.

Prepares You For Multi-Tasking - It is often seen that guitarists have a lot to do. They play the strings, take care of the right chords, and sing the song as well. Moreover, they also need to sync with other musicians and read ahead.

Boosts Confidence - When you get the whole song covered in your guitar strings, it feels incredible. Building something from scratch gives you a great confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment.

Relieves Stress - Guitar has been founded to be therapeutic for people. If you practice it as a hobby, it can be your stress buster.

Promotes Creativity - When you play guitar, you’re making your own tunes and composing something new every day. Hence, it helps in the flow of your creative juices.

Why learn Guitar online At Wizaru?

1:1 private classes to provide focused attention on every learner
Well-qualified teachers to help your kids learn guitar
Structured vocal music lessons for beginners to boost confidence in kids and motivate them
Teachers sharing their experiences and stories to learn from
Fun and interactive classes to make learning effortless
Regular tracking of progress and examination
Well curated curriculum to suit every student
Complete practical approach towards learning
Learning at a pace that suits the learner

We have guitar courses for beginners that would make it easy for kids to learn Guitar online

Wizaru has taken care of all the things, from the right teacher to the right method of learning. We provide a personalized dashboard for your kid’s learning to keep track of what they learn. Our dashboard is simple and easy to use.

Wizaru has keyboard teachers who are highly qualified from top institutes. Our teachers are trained, friendly, and helpful.

Teachers at Wizaru are highly rated by the parents and the reviews are 100% authentic. They will guide your kids through their learning journey and help them achieve the best of their potential.

We have a curriculum that supports the overall development of kids through learning. We also keep a check that your kids don’t compromise on their regular academics, and so, we provide you the flexibility to choose the time slot that suits your kid’s routine.

We have a dedicated support team available 24x7 to assist you throughout your kid’s learning journey. Start your journey with us today!


1. How will kids learn Guitar online?

First you choose your preferred day and time. On that day, you can join the meeting through the Wizaru dashboard. The meeting/class is conducted via Zoom meetings.

2. How are tutors selected for online western vocal classes?

Verification of personal information with the help of valid identity proof (telephone, email and photo). Their educational background and certifications are also thoroughly checked.The reviews for our tutors are completely authentic.

3. Why should we go for guitar classes online?

Today, we are building relationships and connections over online mediums. Why should we compromise on learning?
With rapid digitization, both teachers and students have mastered the use of digital tools. Learning with Wizaru is simple, easy, and fun.

4. What is the average rating of teachers conducting guitar classes online on Wizaru?

Teachers on Wizaru have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. All tutors are certified and qualified to teach kids.
Wizaru support team remains at your service in case of any inconvenience you may face.You can reach us via phone, and mail.