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6 Fun Exercises For Kids

6 fun exercises for kids

As the digital age advances, the current generation is more and more advanced in the technical aspect of things but they lack physical fitness. Due to the pandemic everything from schools to pre-schools are online meaning the children that ran across the school ground playing games at recess are now stuck at home watching their teacher through a screen like a YouTube video. The digital era stopped a lot of kids from exercising and going…

how focus on study improves through yoga? 6 yoga asanas for kids

  Tired of experimenting with tips to improve concentration? Still not getting results? Relax, because we have got exactly what you need. It’s time to try something that could transform the way you seek concentration. Yoga is a sure shot way to improve concentration with regular practice. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, to make sure your mind is active and productive, you should keep your body healthy.   Yoga is an…

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