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Chess is a strategic game and like any game winning is important. You can enroll your child in online chess classes for kids, but that requires a commitment of time and money. But, since playing chess can raise your IQ it becomes important to at least give the game a try to see if it is a fun fit for your child. If you don’t already know the basic rules of the game, Here’s an…

online chess courses | 10 easy and basic chess rules: a simple guide for beginners

There are a lot of people enrolling for online chess courses everyday and for good reason. Chess has been known to help in improving problem-solving skills and memory. In addition to that chess also helps make a mind sharper. But, What is Chess? Chess is a strategic board game. It’s as simple as that, There are a total of 32 pieces on the board, 16 belonging to each of the players. So, without further ado…

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