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Online Keyboard Classes In Bangalore

Are you searching for Online Keyboard Classes in Bangalore?

Read this article to know about the best online keyboard classes in Bangalore. Let’s begin with a little introduction about the much-loved instrument- the keyboard.

A keyboard is a musical instrument, which helps in producing different notes, chords, and scales in a music piece. Keyboards may be small or large depending on their purpose. In the case of electronic keyboards, they are also referred to as synthesizers.

The keyboard or piano is an integral part of any music band. It’s often said that the band wouldn’t be the same without one. But what is it and what does it do? Well, to put it simply: a keyboard is a musical instrument that can produce various tones. A band without a keyboard cannot be complete. The use of keyboards creates an excess amount of enjoyment for those who listen to music because there are different genres of sounds you can get from keyboards.

How does Online Keyboard Classes help?

keyboard classes

In the modern world, children are growing up faster than ever. Childhood is a time when kids should be allowed to play and make mistakes. However, with the rise in technology and the ability to learn things faster, children are getting exposed to different subjects at an early age.

And that is why co-curricular classes for kids have fetched great demand. At an early age, kids are being taught many things ranging from music, dance, and sports to soft skills like communication, etc

Learning to play a keyboard can help them learn more about music, science, and technology. Here are some of the benefits of learning keyboard:

Learning Theories: Keyboard lessons teach children about different theories such as rhythm, scales, and chords. These theories help children understand what they are doing while playing their instrument.

Keyboard Lessons Help Cognitive Development: Keyboard lessons help cognitive development because they allow children to think more logically by creating patterns on their instrument.

Keyboard Lessons Encourage Creativity: With each note, they play on their keyboard, children learn how to create new melodies that they can utilize as well as share with others.

Improve Communication Skills: The keyboard helps in improving communication skills as it allows you to learn to type faster with more accuracy. This will help you improve your writing skills significantly and also help you gain confidence in expressing yourself better before others.

online keyboard classes in bangalore

Parents search online keyboard classes for their kids. Searching online, they find so many keyboard institutes claiming to have the best Music teachers and curriculum. But which is the best online keyboard classes in Bangalore in reality? Let’s find out

Do you think online keyboard classes would be too difficult to catch up on? Don’t worry because Wizaru provides classes right from beginner to advanced level, curated to help kids learn step by step. 

Beginnings are intimidating and we agree. But we have also taken action to change it for you! 

At Wizaru, we’ve teachers who help you learn keyboard step by step and as per your pace. You don’t have to race with your friends or worry about missing a key. Your overall learning journey will be smooth and fun, we promise!

Let’s meet the co-pilots in your musical journey

Rithikaa Ma'am


Rithikaa is a trained professional keyboardist in Western classical music. She holds a keen interest in writing, composing, and singing. She has been learning music for 8 years under the curriculum of Trinity College, London.

Michelle Ma'am


Grade 8 vocalist with great skills in playing keyboard and guitar. She has had the opportunity to lead the Acapella college group and earned an extensive knowledge of melodies, harmonies, and arrangement of music

Aparna Ma'am


With an experience of 8+ years, Aparna is a qualified musician pursuing Grade 7 in ABRSM in keyboard. She possesses the experience of teaching both offline and online classes and is a dedicated keyboard teacher to kids.

Hear from our Students and their Parents

We know our words are not enough to put your trust in us. So, let’s hear from our students and their parents if choosing Wizaru was the best decision of their lives.

Parents of Diya, 6 years old

I’ve been skeptical about online keyboard classes for kids, but I’m so glad we decided to try out Wizaru classes! I was worried that my daughter would get bored or wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class, but she loved it. She’s been playing keyboard since she was four and has been taking lessons for almost two years, but this was the first time she ever learned anything new on her own

Parents of Kanishk, 8 years old

I really enjoyed the online keyboard classes for kids! It was very easy to use and very helpful in teaching my son how to play. I am so glad we tried this program out!

Nitya, 15 years old

I have been taking online keyboard classes on Wizaru for a few months now, and I have to say it has been amazing. The lessons are short, but they’re also very thorough. I can tell that the instructors have an incredible amount of knowledge about how to play the keyboard

If you are looking to get the best of keyboard classes in Bangalore, Wizaru is your destination. Arrive here soon, and let the rockstar in you rejoice. We’ll be waiting for you!

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