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5 Easy Steps To Learn Flute Yourself | Online Flute Classes On Wizaru

“Where words fail, music speaks”


The flute has been justifying this saying for the longest time, being one of the earliest instruments discovered. It dates back to around 35,000 years ago, with different cultures comprising their own version of the Flute. 

So, are you ready to explore an age-old melody in new ways? This article will help you find ways to learn flute online in online flute classes, both by experts and on your own. Let’s get started!

Did you know? Flutes have a family of themselves and have been created in many sizes to be played in different keys. This instrument has several unique features such as, it’s the only instrument held sideways and blown with no mouthpiece inside the mouth.

Many flutists even say that it is the most difficult to play out of all other wind instruments. Well, no pain, no gain! It can be difficult to play the flute but it’s worth all the benefits you receive. Following are the benefits of playing the flute to awaken the flutist in you. 


  1. Enhances Body Coordination 

As difficult as it can get, playing the flute requires your mouth, eyes, and hands to be well coordinated. While you sync your mouth and hand, you also need to see notes and musical sheets. Hence, regular practice of playing flute will improve your body coordination.


  1. Makes Your Core Stronger

Playing the flute is a work of blowing air into a wooden instrument. Thus, it’s a lot of exercise for your lungs and diaphragm, making your core muscles stronger eventually.


  1. Boosts Self-Confidence

Learning something new is always a way to increase your self-confidence. To learn flute online or physically would add greatly to your self-confidence, providing a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

5 easy steps to learn flute yourself

  1. Builds Discipline

You can master something only when you are focused and dedicated. And discipline is the key to keeping you in sync with these attributes. Learning a new instrument demands effort and continuous determination. Playing flute will help you develop discipline and patience

  1. Relieves Stress

Where there is music, there’s joy. Music can be fun when you jam with friends and family, and therapeutic when you play it solo. Playing any instrument can be a stress-buster and make you feel good and happy. 


Aren’t these enough reasons to learn flute online? 

When you begin learning any instrument yourself, you are more likely to remember it better because of your self discoveries about it. Learning it yourself will require your greater involvement and understanding of the instrument.

Although, starting up on your own is more difficult than it seems, as it demands you to maintain a routine and practice regularly. If you want to be a professional with the instrument, you may prefer taking flute classes online or offline.

Learning on your own does not mean trying it out and keep waiting to strike the right note, you can learn yourself with Youtube videos, online tips and tricks, etc. Once you are familiar with the instrument, your interest has developed, and you’re ready to hop on a more professional approach towards learning it, you can join online flute classes.

Well, if you think it’s too early to join an online flute class and want to give it a try yourself, why not?


We have listed down 5 easy steps to learn flute notes super quickly.


  • Commit to one note 

It’s crucial to focus on one note at a time when you are just beginning to learn the flute. It is so because all the notes have different keys to be pressed while playing, which can be overwhelming for you. Keep learning one note at a time and revising the last one you learned.


  • Building Associations for notes

Remembering so many notes can seem elusive initially, however, there’s always a way out! In this case, try forming associations with the notes so that you can easily recall them while playing. You can ask your tutor in online flute classes to help you with some proven association tricks.

You can also create your personalized associations because personalizations remain in memory for like forever!


  • Learn Notes In A Logical Order

A proper system is good to have while you learn flute notes. Start learning the notes in a logical order. For example, learn the notes of one scale, such as the B flat major scale. This would comprise B flat, C, D, E flat, F, G, A, and an additional B flat.

Joining online flute classes can be a great way to pursue learning in a systematic way.

  • Re-Check The Fingering

You can often commit mistakes in fingering notes, while you are a beginner. Even though the sound difference is negligible, it is not good to learn the wrong fingering methods. To avoid this mistake, make sure to double-check the fingering charts when you learn flute.

  • Take help of Cheat – Sheets

When you are on your own, cheat-sheets are the best possible way to learn the techniques of learning flute. There are various websites that offer cheat-sheets for flute notes. You can find them on the internet and get your notes right with regular practice.

These were the 5 easy steps to learn flute yourself, with the help of various websites and cheat-sheets. Once you’re familiar with the instrument and its working, you can join online classes to level up your learning!

Check out online flute classes on Wizaru to accelerate your learning journey today!


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