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4 Fun Activities For Kids To Try Out This Holi Season!

Do you have a plan already? This time, let’s celebrate Holi in a different way. We have listed some fun activities for kids to try out at home.

Before jumping on to the list, let us know what is holi all about?

Holi is a festival celebrated with color, water, and exchange of sweets.

We celebrate Holi on the last full moon in the lunar month of ‘Phalguna’. It signifies the end of winters and the arrival of spring.

The festival of colors is knocking at the door.

Get ready to make it more joyful and safe with these fun activities for kids at home.

With these activities, kids will not only enjoy but learn some things too.

  1. Oil, Water, and Color Experiment


hand oil experiment


We all know how helpful it is to apply oil before playing with colors, but kids, they are forever in a hurry!

Doing this, kids will understand the significance of applying oil before playing colors.
  • Apply baby oil on one hand and dampen the other hand with water, of your kid.
  • Then apply a bit of color on both hands and leave it for about 5 minutes.
  • Now ask your kid to wash off the color from hands. Which hand was easier to color off?

The one on which you applied oil!

As oil and color do not mix well, it forms a thin layer between the color and skin.

Whereas, water mixes well. Hence it becomes more difficult to remove the color from the hand dampened with water.

  1. DIY Water Gun

diy fun activity - watergun

Water guns are the most loved toy among kids on holi. Making a gun on their own is surely going to make them happier.

Step 1: Take an empty, old plastic bottle (500ml).

Step 2: Cover the worktable with a newspaper to avoid strains. Now, place the bottle flat on the newspaper. Pour fevicryl paints on the bottle.

You can use different colors to make it more vibrant.

Hold the mouth of the bottle and spread the colour around the bottle. Leave it to dry.

Step 3: (Adult supervision recommended) Take the lid off the bottle . Make a hole in the centre with the help of a scissor or metal skewer.

Step 4: When the bottle dries, fill it with water, cap it and squeeze it to enjoy the gun fun.

  1. STEM Holi Art

stem activity


Your kids are going to love this masterpiece!

All you have to do is take some glass marbles, a deep tray, paint and a white craft sheet.

  • On the bottom of the dish, stick the craft sheet using two-sided tape.
  • Then take 3 marbles and dip them in primary colours.
  • Place the coloured marbles on the paper and ask your kid to tilt the dish in different directions.

Marbles will create an amazing pattern by rolling and also develop secondary colours. So colourful!

  1. Permanent Holi Rangoli


fun activitiesChildren usually love rangolis and want them to stay forever too. Now it’s possible to have a permanent rangoli.

How to do it?

Step 1: Let your child make a design with glue all over the paper.

Step 2: Then guide them to drizzle their favourite colour on the paper. Do it in a way that the parts of paper with glue gets covered completely.

Step 3: Now, leave it to settle for 2-3 minutes. Help your child to blow the extra rangoli off the paper.

It’s done! You have a permanent rangoli design to flaunt in your holi party.

Now, it’s your time to experiment with these DIY fun activities for kids. Hope you enjoy and learn.

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