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4 Unique Styles of Parenting

Styles of Parenting differ from parent to parent. Maybe you like to save your child from every possible danger out there, while your partner might feel that failing is a learning opportunity and a part of life, so the child should be allowed to try new things and take risks. However there are 4 different widely known styles of parenting.

Here are the 4 Styles of Parenting:-



The Authoritarian style of parent is one where the parent believes that the child is meant to obey everything they say without question. They often don’t take their child’s feelings into consideration when making decisions about their children. They often end up not giving a reason for a rule even when there is a justified reason behind it, instead saying “Because, I said so”.


Kids to Authoritarian Parents often:-

  • Have Low Self Esteem
  • Aren’t open to accepting failure
  • Display aggressive behaviour outside home
  • Are more responsible
  • Have the Desire to do things the right way
  • Are more Goal Driven



The Authoritative style of parenting includes listening to the child, and also considering their feelings when making a decision that affects them directly or indirectly. Authoritative Parents have rules as well as consequences for the rules if they aren’t complied with. They often validate their child’s feelings, make use of positive reinforcement and communicate often with their child.


Kids of Authoritative Parents often:-

  • Have good social skills
  • Are self confident in their ability to learn new things
  • Have good emotional control and regulation
  • Tend be comfortable in expressing emotions
  • Good with Responsibilities



Permissive parents have a tendency to be very loving, but offer few guidelines and regulations. These parents now no longer count on mature behaviour from their kids and regularly seem more like a friend than a parental figure. These parents have a tendency to be the polar opposite of the so-called “helicopter parents.” Instead of hovering over their children’s every move, permissive parents are exceedingly lax and rarely make or implement any sort of rules or structure. Their motto is often simply that “kids will be kids.” While they may be usually warm and loving, they make little or no attempt to manage or discipline their children.


They are often the fun set of parents for the kids as they give their children a lot of freedom but very little responsibilities. They also rarely enforce any kind of consequences.


Kids of Permissive Parents often:-

  • Low Achievements
  • Poor Decision Making Skills
  • Unable to Manage their time and habits



Uninvolved parents are as the name suggests uninvolved in their child’s life, they very rarely ask about their kids day or school and homework and in general don’t spend a lot of time with their kids. Uninvolved parents expect children to raise themselves. They do not dedicate an awful lot of time or power into meeting a kid’s basic needs. Uninvolved parents can be neglectful however it is not always intentional. A parent with mental health troubles or substance abuse problems, for example, might not be capable of taking care of a kid’s physical or emotional needs on a regular basis.


Kids of Uninvolved Parents often:-

  • Have Self Esteem issues
  • Perform Poor Academically
  • Exhibit Frequent Behaviour Issues
  • Generally aren’t happy


This concludes our styles of parenting, if you liked what you read, let us know about it in the comments. Until then, Here’s an article we think you’d like:- 5 Ways How not to be A Toxic Parent.


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