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5 Amazing Free Movies for Kids on YouTube

Free Movies for kids on Youtube is something you usually don’t search for. You usually search on Netflix or Prime or Voot Kids. Maybe you’ve browsed through all the available OTT Platforms and still don’t have anything to watch, hence Youtube is  the next best option for quality content for your kids to watch. But be sure to keep an eye out for your kids’ screen time. Keeping that in mind, Let’s start with

Free Movies for kids on Youtube:-


Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

This new adventure of the prehistoric mammals manages to stay on its own legs and delivers nothing but great fun becoming a worthy sequel. That alone is an achievement in its own right.


After some years living in peace in a new pack, our old friends Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo), Manny the Mammoth (Ray Romano) and Diego the Saber Tooth tiger (Dennis Leary) discover that the ice is melting and a flood will cover the valley they now call home. Soon they organise a migration, but the trip won’t be easy, especially for Manny, who begins to believe that he is the last Mammoth on earth.


“The Meltdown” continues with the style of its predecessor both in humour and animation, so those who fell in love with the original will love the sequel too. The difference however, is in the fact that now Manny is our main character. We get to know more about this character, who is apparently anti-social and cynic, but who on the inside feels very lonely after the loss of his family. Sid and Diego make good sidekicks in this adventure and while their roles in the film are somewhat diminished, they still are very well-developed characters. Scrat, the nut-obsessed squirrel is back too in his constant quest for his lost nut, giving slapstick humour of the finest type in every scene he is in.



Set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the story of Zootopia takes place in the titular metropolis and follows a bunny cop named Judy Hopps who, despite her par excellent performance in the class, is assigned parking duty by her superior. But when she volunteers to undertake a missing-predator case, she is given 48 hours to solve the mystery or resign, following which she blackmails a sly fox into helping her, and uncovers a sinister conspiracy.


On an overall scale, Zootopia finds Disney stepping out of its comfort zone to tackle a bold, ambitious & risky project, and it is one gamble that pays off tremendously well in the studio’s favour. Also, its arrival couldn’t have been better, considering how its elements of prejudice & stereotypes mirror the racial hostilities present in our very own current social environment.



Mulan is a girl who doesn’t do much right. For the honor of her family she joins the army instead of her father. She takes his gear and runs off. She pretends to be a man and does the training to go to war against the Huns who invaded China.


With some nice new songs, great music by Jerry Goldsmith and beautiful animations this is a real Disney. A little dragon called Mushu is helping her on the way. He is send by the ancestors. The voice of Mushu is from Eddie Murphy and he does a very great job. With a quick and good story and a lot of funny moments this is a great movie.


A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is definitely one of Pixar’s most underrated films that may not have anything as memorable as the studio’s best works but it nonetheless scores high marks in all filmmaking aspects to make up for an enjoyable & entertaining ride that viewers of all ages can benefit from plus delivers its message of ‘strength in unity’ with remarkable simplicity & effectiveness.



A family is shipwrecked and stranded in the jungle. Sabor the leopard kills the parents and Kala the gorilla rescues the baby. Despite leader Kerchak’s disapproval, Kala raises the baby naming him Tarzan. Brash gorilla Terk befriends him and they meet fearful elephant Tantor. When Sabor attacks, Tarzan saves Kerchak and the group with his spear. Professor Porter and his daughter Jane are studying the gorillas led by their hunter guide Clayton. Jane is chased by a pack of baboons and Tarzan rescues her. Tarzan becomes torn between the jungle and going with Jane to England.


The animation is terrific and very energetic. Tarzan swinging in the trees is exciting. The traditional tale is a bit stale and I don’t think the montage sequences are that compelling. The Phil Collins music may not be a great fit for a Disney kids movie. Nevertheless this is a good animated movie for the whole family. It has enough excitement and maintains the interest of the audience.


This concludes the article, if you liked this article about Free Movies for Kids on YouTube or maybe we missed something, let us know in the comments. Until then, Here is an article we think you’d like:- What Creativity Means? 4 Reasons To Foster Creativity in Kids.


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