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Why is Coding Important For Children

Coding for kids probably sounds like a scam to take your hard-earned money away from you in the name of teaching your kids how to code, Let’s change that perception and help you get a clearer picture into this world of computer science.

Coding or Programming and web/software development are one of the most in-demand skills for 2022 and for good reason too. While the Software Development and IT Industry make heavy use of all available languages, Several Industries such as Finance and Ed-tech are using Programming Languages such as Python on almost a daily basis. As such it becomes important for coding for kids and helps them gain a basic understanding of these coding languages, especially for kids. So, that leaves out the question

Coding For Kids?

Coding actually means writing a line of code. A line of code is an instruction for the computer to carry out a command just like we talk to each other and let the other person know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Why is Coding Important for Kids?

While knowing how to code definitely will help your kids in the future as the technology sector evolves, knowing how to code is not just for the workplace. Here are just a few reasons why learning how to code is important for kids:-

  1. Promotes Problem Solving Behavior – Knowing how to code will help your kids in solving their own problems without having to wait for a solution to come up. Whether it is writing a line of code to perform a single task repeatedly or developing a complex algorithm to recognize patterns.
  2. Promotes Creativity – A line of code and creativity might not seem to go hand in hand but let me explain. Having the ability and resources to build new and exciting projects that have never seen the light of day will promote creativity in your child to stand up and build something different and useful that might someday change the world.

Where Do I Get Started?

While learning to code can be a big step in a child’s future, It can also be a tedious task for a kid as it is not as easy to learn a programming language as it is to learn French or Spanish. Hence we recommend getting started with tools and courses, like:-

  1. Scratch – Scratch is a free programming language that allows kids to easily and playfully get into the world of programming by allowing them to code using a simple visual interface to create digital stories, games, and animations.
  2.  Code.org – Code.org is a platform where you and your child can learn about computer science and programming with the help of its courses that range from full length to short one-hour courses designed to help you learn and peak your curiosity about what can be done with computer science and programming.

kid learning to code

But, What if My Child is on the older side?

Scratch might be a great resource for kids that are on the younger side but if your child’s age is in the teens, it might seem too childish for them. But, it is still important for them to learn to code because they will soon join the workforce. Hence it might be important to teach them one or more of the several programming languages available, especially the ones that are fun to learn and can even help them automate their homework.

The question then prevails

What Programming Languages do I Teach my Child?

Among the several available Programming Languages to learn it is important to keep in mind the ease of learning and difficulty of these languages for a beginner to learn. So, we compiled a list of languages to teach your kids:-

  1. HTML – HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the foundation of almost any web page and can be used to develop a basic webpage that is functional. It is widely known as one of the easiest languages to learn and is a good starting point as it provides actionable results from the start.
  2. CSS – CSS is a language that goes well along with HTML and is used to beautify any web page with the available attributes that it has to offer. These factors make it the next step toward learning to code after HTML.
  3. Python –  Python is a language that is widely used across industries and might even be used in your own world without you even realizing it. Python allows you to automate tasks, and make fun software and it can even be used to develop web pages. Python is a language that is easy and fun to learn as you can focus on creating projects that interest you while you learn.


That folks conclude the article for today, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more articles along the lines of coding for kids. Here is another article we recommend: – 5 Proven Ways To Teach Kids What Financial Management Is?


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