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Kids stories in English | 3 Amazing Stories For Kids

Sometimes kids annoy you a lot for a plethora of reasons, one of the best things to distract them is to tell them a few stories. Telling them stories is a better idea than them being on their electronics all day and helps them improve their listening skills according to Bumpsnbaby. The question then arises where do you find these Kids stories in English ?

Buying a book will take time. So, we found 3 Amusing Kids stories in English: –

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The Brahmin, The Thief and The Demon

In a certain town, there lived a Brahmin who denounced all luxuries of life. His name was Drona, and he did not wear fine clothes, or use perfumes, or practice any lavish means.

He followed rigorous practices of worship even during cold, hot and rainy seasons. Due to this, his body had become lean and weak. His hair and nails also grew long due to his absence of maintaining them.

One of his devotees gifted him with a pair of calves. He took great care of the calves and fed them properly. In due time, they grew enviable fat.

One day, a thief noticed the calves and thought, “I shall steal these fat calves from him.”

He planned and returned with a rope to steal the calves in night. On his way, he met a demon with a very hideous appearance.

The thief was frightened on seeing him and asked, “Who are you?”

The demon replied, “I am a demon. I always speak the truth and hate liars. Introduce yourself!”

The thief confessed, “I am a thief and I am on my way to steal two calves from a devoted Brahmin”.

The demon and the thief struck a friendship as they were both truthful to each other, and they planned that the demon can eat the Brahmin, and the thief can steal the calves. Their works will be accomplished in the same place, so they went together.

The slipped inside the Brahmin’s home and hid themselves. They waited for the Brahmin to fall asleep, when they would get the opportunity to accomplish their works.

As soon as the Brahmin fell asleep, the demon came out of hiding and readied his teeth and nails to eat him.

Fearing that his purpose will be defeated if the Brahmin wakes up when the demon goes to eat him, he asked the demon to wait till he tied the calves with his rope and left.

But the demon disagreed, that if the calves started moo-ing when the thief was stealing them, the Brahmin may escape upon waking up, and his purpose will get defeated.

They got into an argument due to this, and the noise of their argument woke the Brahmin up.

The thief complained to the Brahmin that the demon was planning of eating him up. On this, the demon also complained to the Brahmin that the thief was planning to steal the calves from him.

The Brahmin at once started praying chants. Hearing this, the demon ran off. Then the Brahmin took out a stick and chased away the thief.


The wise indeed say:

When thieves fall out, you stand to benefit.

kids stories in english
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The Monkey and The Wedge

There was once a merchant who employed many carpenters and masons to build a temple in his garden. Regularly, they would start work in the morning; and take a break for the mid-day meals, and return to resume work till evening.

One day, a group of monkeys arrived at the site of the building and watched the workers leaving for their mid-day meals.


One of the carpenters was sawing a huge log of wood. Since, it was only half-done; he placed a wedge in between to prevent the log from closing up. He then went off along with the other workers for his meal.

When all the workers were gone, the monkeys came down from the trees and started jumping around the site, and playing with the instruments.


There was one monkey, who got curious about the wedge placed between the log. He sat down on the log, and having placed himself in between the half-split log, caught hold of the wedge and started pulling at it.

All of a sudden, the wedge came out. As a result, the half-split log closed in and the monkey got caught in the gap of the log.

As was his destiny, he was severely wounded.


The wise indeed say:

One, who interferes in other’s work, surely comes to grief.

kids stories in english
Photo By Bruno Emmanuelle On Usplash

The Foolish Crane and the Mongoose

There was a huge Banyan tree beside a lake, which nested a number of cranes.

In the hollow at the foot of the tree lived a poisonous black snake. He used to climb up and eat the crane’s young’s after they were hatched.

One crane, who had lost her children to the cunning black snake, started weeping on the banks of the lake.

A crab, who was nearby, heard the crane weeping, and asked, “Why do you cry, aunty?”

The crane replied, “I am the unlucky mother, all of whose children have been eaten by the wicked black snake, who lives in the hollow of the tree. What else can I do but weep? I would have killed the snake if I could!”



The crab thought for a while, “I have to devise a plan to have the black snake killed, and have the cranes destroyed at the same time. The cranes are our natural enemy. I will tell him half-truth and half lies, to my advantage.”

Thinking so, the crab said to the crane, “Aunty! I will tell you a plan to get rid of the black snake. All you have to do is scatter some fish and flesh from a nearby burrow, where a mongoose lives, to the snake’s hollow. When the mongoose will come following the food and reach the snake’s home, he will certainly kill him!”


The crane agreed to do as the crab planned. As anticipated, the mongoose saw the black snake while following the trail of food. They had a fight, and the mongoose killed the snake.

After this, the mongoose realized that there were many cranes on the top of the trees. In due course of time, the mongoose climbed up the trees and started killing the cranes, till all the cranes were destroyed.


The wise indeed say:

The solution of the problem should not be worse than the problem itself. That is, while trying to solve the problem, you should not complicate the problem further


Hope you enjoyed reading these Kids stories in English. If you liked these Kids stories in English and want more , we have you covered here:- 3 Bedtime Stories For kids


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