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4 Interesting Science Experiments with Kids to Try At Home

Science can become a difficult subject for kids as they grow up. But science experiments always seem to be fun for the whole family, even for the ones who don’t like science. So, we came up with 4 Science Experiments with Kids to try from the comfort of your home and a special bonus at the end.

These experiments are simple and will also make science more interesting for young ones. All these Experiments also feature an explanation at the end. So your child can learn and have fun at the same time. Let’s start with the science experiments for kids: –

Science Experiment No.1- The Rising Water Trick

This Trick almost sounds too good to be true but you will have to try it to test the authenticity of the claim. This trick does include fire, so adult supervision is recommended.

science experiment no.1- the rising water trick

Things You Will Need

  • Glass
  • Water
  • Plate
  • Coin
  • Match Stick

The Experiment

  1. Bend the match stick at almost a 90-degree angle. Enough that the match stick bends but not too much or it will break
  2. Place the match stick on the center of the plate and place the coin over it.
  3. Now pour enough water into the plate to submerge the coin a little bit of the match stick
  4. Carefully Light the match stick
  5. Quickly place the glass over the lit match stick
  6. If Done Correctly the water should start Rising towards the glass.

The Explanation

The Water rises because the heat from the match stick creates a vacuum inside the glass while the water beneath acts as an air-tight seal. This leads to the vacuum sucking the water inside the glass, hence The Rising Water.

Science Experiment No. 2- Invisible Ink

We all have wanted to write invisible notes to our besties so nobody could read them other than just us, it’s always been possible we just found out a bit too late.

science experiment no. 2- invisible ink

Stuff You Will Need

  • Cotton Swab
  • A half-cut lemon
  • Piece of Paper
  • Clothing Iron

The Experiment

  1. Poke the Cotton Swab into the lemon a few times to get a bit of lemon juice on the Cotton
  2. Use that Cotton Swab to write something on the piece of paper
  3. Glide the clothing Iron across the piece of paper slowly but not too slow or the paper might catch fire
  4. That Should reveal your secret message.

The Explanation

This happens because the heat of the clothing iron causes an oxidation reaction (oxygen combines with other elements, in this case, lemon juice) with the lemon juice causing the paper to turn brown.

Science Experiment no. 3-The Magnifying Glass Trick

Have you ever wanted to light a piece of paper on fire just by looking at it? Well, this trick is as close as you can get to those laser eyes until scientists invent those.

science experiment no. 3-the magnifying glass trick

Stuff You Will Need

  • A Magnifying Glass
  • A Piece of Paper
  • A Sunny Day or Some Sunlight

The Experiment

  1. Go into Sunlight and Place the Magnifying Glass above the piece of paper
  2. Wait for a few minutes
  3. The Paper Should light on fire.

The Explanation

This happens because a magnifying glass has a convex lens (Thicker in The Middle). The convex lens on the magnifying glass directs all the sunlight that falls on it to a particular point. This concentration of sunlight at a singular point on the paper causes the heat that leads to a fire.

Science Experiment No. 4- The Balance Trick

Ever wanted to show off your intelligence to your peers? Here’s the best trick to do just that.

science experiments with kids
The Balance Trick

Stuff You Will Need

  • Match Stick
  • Glass
  • 2 Forks or A Spoon and a Fork

The Experiment

  1. Intertwine one fork into the other
  2. Put one end match stick between the Intertwined Forks
  3. Put the other end at the tip or rim of the glass
  4. The Forks and Matchstick Should balance if not give it a few tries

The Explanation

This Is made possible because of something called the center of mass. Objects Fall over if their center of mass is above and off-center of the balance point. In our case, the center of mass of the forks is lower than the balance point making it very hard to fall over like a house of cards.

Bonus: – Science Competitions for The Family

These Science Competitions are interesting and for the complete family, easy to set up and fun to play, and of course a learning experience.

The Egg Competition

The Rules are Simple:

  • You have to drop an egg from a certain height and if the egg does not crack you win.
  • Each Participant has to build a contraption to help them survive the landing.
  • Depending on the age of your child/children the rules can differ and you might even want to give extra points to the smallest and lightest builds or disallow parachutes, the rules are yours to decide.
  • This One will require every participant to think and experiment on their own and create the best contraption.
  • If 2 or more people survive the landing the height can be increased or the durability can be tested.
  • Here is a video to give you a competitive advantage or an answer key.

If you tried any of these science experiments with kids, let us know in the comments what happened. Liked this article ? Here is something similar at Wizaru.


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