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 Importance of Extracurricular Activities for kids

Extracurricular activities are an important part of a kid’s life. It helps the kid to form a new personality as well as gain new skills.
Kids at a young age should be encouraged to be a part of as many extracurricular activities as possible.
People often don’t talk about the benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities.
So, here are a Few Benefits: –

  • It helps your kid to be creative

Extracurricular activities boost the creativity of a kid. By engaging in activities like art, music, singing and so on he or she is able to unleash his or her creativity in the task assigned to him or her.

– It also makes sure that your kid has full freedom to try out and explore new things.
– The earlier the kid learns to add his or her creativity to the activity he or she is doing the better it is in the longer run.

It makes your kid more social

There are a lot of kids that are engaged in extra-curricular activities. When your kid is in an environment where he or she sees other kids around him or her doing the same stuff he or she is more likely to engage in a conversation with them.

– Your kid can also pick up great conversation habits by doing so.

It helps your kid to be keener towards learning

Extracurricular activities help your kids to be more keener when it comes to learning. Once they pick up an activity they enjoy they are more likely to pick another one the next time. Engaging in fun activities helps your kid to uncover their learning nature

  • They are more likely to show interest in learning
  • It will build a habit of being more consistent with learning new skills


 It can help them with their studies

Extracurricular activities can also help your kids with their studies. Some schools offer free marks for kids that are into extracurricular activities in their respective schools.
Another way is let’s say your kid has picked up chess as an activity he or she likes. Chess requires a lot of strategic analysis as well as creativity to be good at.

  • Your kid can apply those skills in subjects like Maths where the basic skills required are the same.


 A headstart in life

Kids who are engaged in any extracurricular activity at a young age are more likely to be more consistent and creative than other kids of the same age group. Activities like music and art have been shown to improve the neural connections in the brain 


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