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What Creativity Means? 4 Reasons To Foster Creativity in Kids

Children these days often don’t go out to play in the park or the playground. The primary reasoning for this has become the Covid-19 Crisis that has hit the globe, stopping the world. But before that as well, children didn’t go out for physical activities, a study proved that increased screen time in pre-school is associated with worse inattention problems. The next question that arises is that what can children do instead of being on their mobile phones and watching TV? The Answer? Be Creative. This blogs deals with what creativity means for kids and how to foster it in them.

Being Creative has a lot of benefits, here are just a few of them: –

Creativity Means A Method Of Expression

creativity means expression

Children are human, and humans have feelings. Art, be it in the form of dancing, drawing, painting or writing has been one of the best methods of expression. In fact, it has become a very popular source of expression featured in shows like Atypical where the protagonist Sam Gardner draws a cartoon or animated version of himself and plays out what happened, in order to deal with the overwhelming emotion. The reality is that art helps a lot of people deal with their emotions.

Acts as a Memoir


Art acts as a memoir whether you come back from a holiday at Disneyland or Paris, you can draw that place and hang it up on your wall. That will at a reminder to you and your kids about the wonderful day, that you spend together. You could even hang that drawing or painting on a wall and truly immortalise the memory.

On somewhat of a personal level keeping a journal also serves a similar purpose but also helps your children deal with their feeling and keep track of what happened on what day. Your child won’t remember what happened in a episode of a Ben 10 but will remember what happened the day they drew or painted a piece or wrote a certain paragraph in their journal.

Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

flat-hand drawn people celebrating an achievement illustration free vector

Arts and crafts provide a sense of accomplishments because after you’re done with drawing or painting or writing or any other kind of art, it is a one-of-a-kind piece. There isn’t any other piece of art like that in the whole wide world. The piece might not be as valuable to others as a Picasso or The Mona Lisa but it is always said art is subjective. Recognize the artist within your child, hang some of their pieces onto the wall and recognize their talents until the world learns to do the same.

Art Enhances Brain Productivity

character of people holding creative ideas icons free vector

Creating art leads to your brain producing dopamine which helps promote focus, concentration and readies the brain for learning. Art also helps co-ordination between the right and left hemisphere of your brain thus boosting your psychological reliance and productivity of the brain.

Hopefully after reading, you see that creating art is helpful for children whether it is a drawing, painting or a story. If you want to read how you can foster creativity in your children? You can find that over on the Wizaru Blog.


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