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Kids Easy Drawing Topics For Their Next Canvas

Kids are creative beings and there’s no hiding that fact. These beings will try to draw on everything from your walls to Furniture, so it’s better and healthier to have a space for their creative side to let loose. This saves you and walls a lot of headaches. These kids love to drawing weather it be easy or difficult

Drawing is an art and the beauty of art is anyone can be an artist from your child to Pablo Picasso. There’s nobody stopping you from becoming an artist other than your imagination.

Drawing can become especially hard after you’ve started to draw for a while because all the ideas you had were already executed. Finding easy drawing topics for your kids could stop you in your way.

To ensure that this problem doesn’t arise with your child, we came up with a few Easy Drawing Topics for your kids: –


kids easy drawing

There are so Many animals in this wide world that it becomes almost impossible to draw everybody. There are animals that we don’t even know exist let alone drawing them. Plenty of tutorials are out there for kids easy drawing to learn to draw various kinds, species and genders of animals to draw.

Ask your child, to draw animal each day starting with their favourite animal. Then when you have enough animals, you could build a whole wildlife sanctuary for them to live in.

Cartoon Character

dexter from dexter lab spray painted on the closed shutter of a shop

Kids love to watch cartoon and for good reason too, who wouldn’t love an animated series full of vibrant colours and fun characters. Be it Doremon, The Looney Tunes, Ben 10, Johnny Bravo or Johnny Test your kids are sure to like these cartoons.

Drawing these cartoon character acts a creative outlet for them while they are having fun as well. You could even ask them to draw all the characters from their favourite show. This would give you time to do something else if you have to and help them bring all the of their favourite characters to life. Seems like win-win situation to me.


dock on a lake in the middle of a forest , surrounded by mountains

If cartoon characters aren’t your child’s thing, a beautiful scenery just might be. A scenery requires a lot of imagination and it could be a fun activity trying to draw a whole scenery instead of just one single aspect like a single animal or a cartoon character.

The classic sun setting between the mountains scenery could work wonders for your child or let their imagination go crazy and let them build their own scenery full of unicorns and cartoon characters. Some few popular sceneries are sunset between the mountains, Island sunset with a coconut tree and birds, and a river flowing the woods surrounded by animals drinking water.

Their Day

childs drawing with crayons, with a house and a garden and their parents, with the word family written below

Asking your child to draw their day would sound hard at first but hear me out. Ask them to draw their day out like it happened, not each and every detail but anything that would be significant.

This drawing exercise is beneficial for both of you, they get to express their emotions by drawing what they felt and you get to see the world from a perspective of a child. Maybe there was something that happened that day, that later lead them to behave a certain way during the day.

If you draw a fun day to remember. Would you rather have a photo of the day with your child or the drawing they made siting with you.


child reading a book

Books are a very fun to read and even more fun to draw. The good thing about drawing a book is that your child is forced to use their imagination. Books provide you with a scene and a dialogue the rest is upon your kid.

If the lion attacks the mouse and lets it go, it is upon your imagination what type of trees are around and what kind of forest it, the level of detail your child could go into is tremendously high.

This will also motivate your child to read more books and even draw regularly eventually turning into a cycle of learning and creativity.


kids easy drawing

Anna and Elsa, Woody and Buzz or Mcqueen and Mater, whichever movie character your child loves to draw will be a fun experience for your kid.

It also becomes a fun creative exercise to watch a movie and then draw your favourite parts from it. Be it Anna Stopping the Water from flooding the kingdom, Buzz and Woody dropping into the car after missing the truck, or Mater and the crew showing up for Mcqueen’s Piston Cup Tie breaker, they are all worth a draw each.


This also becomes a memoir of some fun memories down the road, any drawing does that job. I would be delighted to know if I had some drawings that I made growing up about the good times when I was a kid and I had nothing to worry about.

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