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10 Good Habits For Kids For A Healthy Lifestyle

Having good habits is very important for kids as it sets the tone for the rest of the child’s life. Building Good Habits for Kids is Important Because: –

  • Good habits built at young age, go help you follow through for the rest of your life

  • Good habits for kids will allow them to achieve goals

As such it becomes important to build habits as a young child. So, we came up with a few good habits for kids: –

1. Brushing your teeth twice a day

good habits for kids - brush teeth

Brushing your teeth is an important task as it helps in keeping your teeth healthy and sets the tone for the day. A quote that would help you stick with the habit “You brush in the morning for others, and at night for yourself.”

2. Washing Hands

good habit for kids - wash hands

Keeping up with the theme of hygiene, washing your hands is an important habit to build, with the pandemic, it becomes important more than ever to wash your hands not just before a meal but whenever you come home from the outside world. The world is full of germs and you never know who has touched what and what happens to unhygienic. So, it becomes increasingly important to wash your hands on a regular basis to keep yourself and your family safe.

3. Being Polite

good habits for kids - being polite

Being polite is a habit that is destined for greatness as being polite can open doors you never knew existed. It is important to be polite as it makes a good impression on people and they tend to remember you. It becomes important to be polite especially in the business world, and your kids will definitely thank you for teaching them to be polite.

4. Reading Everyday

reading books

Reading at a young age, might sound like a task but it sets the tone for the rest of the child’s life. Books can and definitely has helped many in the past, it improves a child’s vocabulary and writing skills both of which are important in the long run. Books also have the ability to change lives because the right book read at the correct time can make a big impact on a person’s life.

5. Being Honest

how to help kids avoid being overconfident - india parenting
Image Courtesy : India Parenting

We all know the quote “Honesty is the Best Policy”. Being Honest is an important life skill, it might not seem like it is as important as cooking or Money Management, but is an important life skill as being honest will get you out of several situations and even help you and others sometimes. A single lie will cause you to make up a web of lies and eventually get stuck in it. As such being honest becomes important not only to others but to ourselves as well.

6. Responsibility

responsibility in kids

Responsibility is another important life skill, just like honesty it doesn’t show up on any metric but it is important for an adult to be responsible. It can be taught simply by starting out with putting the toys where they belong when they finish playing with them and then moving to even wash the dishes after they are done eating.

7. Value of Time

flat design time management concept free vector

The saying “You only realize the value of something when you’ve lost it” becomes especially true for time. Time is one of the only things that you cannot get back. The faster your child understands that the faster, they can start enjoying their life to the fullest.

8. Eat Healthy

healthy eating habits

It is harder to eat healthy when you’ve eaten fast food for several years than eat fast food after you’ve eaten healthy foods for years. We all know that healthy foods are good for our body and make us feel energetic and fresh but that isn’t it, healthy foods keep our bodies healthy and working for longer. This is especially pointed out in a video by Yes Theory where they Eat Fast Food for a whole week and then measure the effects of that on their bodies.

9. Sleeping On Time

sleep on time

Maintaining a good and healthy sleep schedule because if sleep late and wake up early, you will get less sleep and in turn, wake up tired. Waking Up energetic and fresh is important because it sets the tone for the day. It is also important to get a full 8 hours of sleep so that you can wake up and focus on whatever you want, instead of feeling drowsy and falling asleep during the day.

 10. Exercise Daily

kids doing exercise

Exercising every day is an important habit to build as it will keep you healthier for longer. Exercising also has several health benefits such as helping you lose weight and several mental health benefits. According to Studies, it also reduces risk of several diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and cardiovascular diseases by close to 15% to even 30% in the case of colon cancer.

If you liked this article about Good Habits for kids, let us know in the comments below. Want to read some more? Here’s what we recommend: – 6 Fun Activities for Kids.


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