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6 Helpful Ways To Teach Kids To Read Properly

Every kid reaches an age where he or she has to begin learning to read and write. It is an important to teach kids to read

Making sure that your kid learns how to read properly will help improve their reading skills in the future.

Here are some tips that will ensure that your kid learns to read properly –

  1. Make Sure they Learn the Alphabet Correctly

teach kids to read

Most parents are in a hurry to teach kids to read. In order to do so, they fail to establish a proper foundation for the kids. What foundation do you ask?

It is to ensure that the kid is well aware of how to read the alphabet correctly. This will ensure the following

It will make sure that the kid has a strong foundation and understanding of the alphabet.

It will also ensure that the kid is has got the basics right.

  1. Small Steps

teach kids to read

Once you’re done making sure that the kid has a strong foundation to rely upon. You cannot just give him or her a book with 300 pages to read all at once. In order to teach your kid how to read properly, you have to make sure that you begin with small steps-

  • Helping the kid to read and pronounce small words
  • Helping the kid to read small sentences at first

If your kid is unable to read small sentences do not worry. You can break the sentence into certain parts. Then help the kid to read it word by word.

  1. Daily Practice

teach kids to read

Daily practice is a must when it comes to learning to read properly. With daily practice your kid learns to read better day by day.

It will make kids more aware of how how to read and pronounce certain words the next time onwards.

It will also hard wire in the kid’s brain


  1. Fun Games and Puzzlesteach kids to readThere are some really fun games and puzzles that can help your kid to understand the alphabet better. The kid may not be interested in reading from a book. You may also find fun alphabet games online.


  1. Learning via Cartoons
    teach kids to read

It is no surprise that kids love cartoons. Kid are more likely to learn better in a way that they enjoy. Various kid-friendly cartoons that help kids to learn the ABC’s are available.

You can set a specific time of the day where the kids can watch various cartoons. These cartoons will help them learn and pronounce the alphabet and words.

  1.  Learning From Art

teach kids to read
This is also a great way to help your kid to read properly. You can assign your kid to draw or paint certain letters. For example,A, B, C, D to train their brain to identify the letters better.

The kids will be able to memorize and understand the letters better.

These ways will ensure that your kid is able to learn to read properly  in a fun way. Making sure that a kid learns to read properly is one of the most important steps towards his or her future.


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