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Easy Warli Art for Kids | How to Start Warli Art for Beginners

Warli art for kids is something we’ve all heard of and for good reason, it’s a fun art style and more importantly, it has a very unique style to it, that helps differentiate warli art from contemporary art styles. But before we get into how to get started, let’s learn a bit about Warli Art

What is Warli Art?

Warli Art or Warli Paintings is an art form that was born and is still practised in rural parts of Maharashtra. This art was majorly used by the Warli Tribe in and around Maharashtra, hence the name Warli Paintings. It is believed to be one of the oldest art forms in India and even the World.

Where is Warli Art used?

While Warli Paintings can usually be seen on a canvas in urban homes, it can more commonly be spotted around cities such as Dahanu, Talasari, Jawhar, Palghar, Mokhada, and Vikramgad of Palghar district on walls both inside and outside the house and pots made out of clay among other ornaments.

What do you need to get started with Warli Paintings?

In order to start with Warli Paintings or Drawings, You would require:-

  • A Black coloured Paper
  • A White Colour Pencil or White colour paint with a brush
  • And An Idea

Alternatively, if you’d like to decorate ornaments instead of a blank canvas, You can start with:-

  • A Clay or Mud Glass
  • A Clay or Mud bowl
  • A Clay or Mud Pot
  • Or any other Clay or Mud ornaments that you can get your hands on in your nearest local markets

Why Ornaments?

Clay and Mud ornaments already have a lot of well-known health benefits and by adding your own warli art to it. This could make up for a really excellent gift for a grandparent from a grandchild.

So Let’s get started with Warli Art for Kids

If you already have an idea in mind, you can skip this part but if you don’t let’s go online and have a look at some basic easy to draw warli paintings and find some inspiration.

After you have found some inspiration, You can start drawing or painting your chosen ornament or canvas.

If you are unable to find some inspiration or are simply just too lazy to do so, Let’s try and draw a few tribal people carrying pots of water from a well to their houses and some children that are playing around the house with a ball of sorts. Be sure to try and add a few exclusive touches to your art in order to help in making it distinctive and unique in its own style.

Warli Art usually features people in a distinct manner that is unique to the style so be sure to try and replicate that. This form of art also has a unique way of drawing everything from a tribal house to even a ball and since it is probably your first time giving it an attempt, try and google what you want to draw and imitate that aspect from the picture.

That does it for Warli Art for Beginners, do let us know in the comments if you think that we missed something. Until then, Here’s an article we think you’d like:- 4 Fun Art And Craft Activities For Kids | Activities Art And Craft.


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