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7 Amazing Movies in Hindi for Kids

Movies in Hindi for Kids are hard to find, because the movies that you’ve watched as kids are now too old for the new generation. But since too much screen time isn’t ideal for kids, it becomes important for you, The Parent, to keep in check what they watch and how much. So without further ado let’s started

Movies in Hindi For Kids:-


Taare Zaamen Par

This gem had to be in this list, It’s a good watch for any parent and child and for good reason. It talks about Ishaan and his struggles with school while he excels in the artistic side of things, he struggles academically. Ishaan’s teacher diagnoses him with dyslexia after which starts the battle to help him cope with the disability. Along with teaching mother and father on dyslexia and different lesser recognised problems, Taare Zameen Par makes for an exciting and inspirational watch.


Chillar Party

Chillar Party is a story of a set of carefree kids who stand up for what they believe in while a brand new rule is made to capture all stray dogs! Chillar Party is really an inspirational tale of kids being independent and fighting for what they believe in. Let your children watch and learn that there’s nobody in this world that can stop them from standing up for something or someone.


My Friend Ganesha

An eight-year-old boy whose mother and father don’t have any time for him becomes friends with Lord Ganesha who stands with him through thick and thin. Together they help the needy and share a few amusing moments teaching a lesson along the way. This film will indeed help instil faith in the Almighty. The Song Oh My Friend Ganesha is a welcomed bonus as you might be hearing it for the next few days after you watch this film.



The Amitabh Bachan film but this time around, It’s for the kids. After Banku’s parents move into a mansion in Goa, he discovers an unfriendly ghost named Bhoothnath in his new house. Over time, Bhoothnath gives up on trying to scare Banku, and they become good friends.



Shekhar creates Ra.One, the invincible villain of a video game. When Ra.One breaks out of the game and enters the actual world, he kills Shekhar and flees. When Shekhar’s son realises that Ra.One has escaped the game, with the help of his father’s colleague, he brings the game’s protagonist known as G.One to life as well. This movie features some stunning action sequences as well as a few gags here and there, which makes for a fun watch.


Mr. India

If you can somehow manage to convince your kids to sit and watch this old school movie, they’re in for a treat. A poor young man, Arun, lives with a bunch of orphaned children in his house while struggling to make ends meet. After one of the children dies in an attack by a crime lord, Arun uses his father’s invention to become invisible and exact revenge. Just a friendly reminder that you might need some red glasses after watching this movie.



Another old school movie but not as old as Mr. India, this one is about a mute and deaf boy named Iqbal who wants to play cricket for the Indian national team and starts training with the help of a local drunkard who used to be a great cricketer once. A story of human perseverance, Iqbal is indeed one of the best Bollywood movies for kids.


If you’ve already watched some of these movies with your kids, let us know in the comments what they had to say about it. If we missed some movies in hindi for kids that you felt should’ve been on the list let us know. Until Then, Here’s an article we think you’d like:- 5 Fun Indoor Games for Kids.


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