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10 Simple Good Manners for Kids

Good manners for kids are crucial in making a good and lasting impression on anyone because people notice when you’re polite or display good mannerisms. Good Manners are also a form of showing respect to the person in front of you.

So Here is a list of good manners you can teach your child:-


Saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’

These 2 words can completely change the tone of what someone is saying just because saying something as simple as “can I get some water?” and “can I get some water, please?” Does make a difference.


Asking For Permission

We all know about kids asking for permission before going outside to play so we won’t focus on that. Let’s talk about asking for permission before touching another human whether it is their friend or you because this will help teach them about personal space and boundaries both of which are of utmost importance in this day and age.


Greeting People

In school we are all taught to greet the teacher as soon as she comes in but at home we sometimes tend to forget that. Greeting People is important because you can create an instant good first impression on someone as soon as they enter the room just by greeting them with a smile.


Knocking Before Entering

Another classroom etiquette that we tend to leave in the classroom sometimes is knocking on the door before you enter someone’s room. This will teach your kids about privacy, both on maintaining theirs and giving others some privacy as well.


Not Interrupting

While you are speaking, the last thing you want someone to do is interrupt you and break your chain of thought. Hence it becomes important to teach your children to not interrupt someone when they are speaking and letting them finish presenting their point.


Not to Use Technology when you’re with someone

This is a big one but looking at a screen while you’re talking to someone is very disrespectful as it shows that the person that is talking to you isn’t worth your time. Hence it is important as a token of respect for the people you spend time with, not to use your phones or laptops when you are spending time with someone. Since your child learns from what they see, please put down the phone or laptop when they are talking to you and Listen to what they are saying.


Covering Their Mouth While Sneezing or Coughing

Covering your mouth has itself become compulsory since the pandemic to prevent  the spread but in general too even when you’re indoors it is always necessary to cover ones mouth when you cough or sneeze


Table Manners

Table Manners include the likes of not speaking when you’re chewing food, chewing with your mouth closed and saying “please” before asking for something.  These would elevate to more formal manners such as the manner of holding their forks as the child grows older.


Returning Borrowed Items

Whether it is returning a pen, pencil or even an eraser it is always important to return borrowed items as soon as you are done using them and to say “thank you” while doing so. Also remind them of being mindful of others things and not to overuse others possessions.


Respecting Your Elders

Giving respect to someone who is older than you is truly an Indian value and something we should teach our kids.


If you liked this article about 10 good manners for kids, or you think we left something out let us know in the comments down below. Until next time, Here’s an article we think you’d like: – 5 Amazing Benefits of Storytelling to Kids.


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