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10 Simple Good Habits For Kids

Good Habits for kids are almost as important as education for kids. Habits are essential to our health as they help us keep up with a healthy routine. We have all been scolded by our parents for not putting the dishes in the sink at least once throughout our life, but sometimes as parents sometimes you might forget to teach your child to keep the dishes in the sink but still expect them to do it. Just so something like this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve compiled a list of good habits for kids.(We’ve designed this list in such a manner that it can act like a checklist and a basket of ideas so you might find a few obvious habits here too):-


Putting the Dishes in the sink

This one is something you can teach your kids from a very young age because it’s really easy to do. This not only makes it easy to do the dishes but also helps clear the clutter from the kitchen and is generally an appreciated trait if you’re at someone else’s home.


Exercising Daily

Exercising everyday is important for several reasons both, Mentally and Physically. If you’d like to read more about Exercises for Kids, We have an article about that.


Table Manners

Manners might not come under the habits category but they are important nonetheless because learning how to eat with proper mannerisms is important in creating a good and lasting impression on anyone they meet throughout their life.


Cleaning Up after themselves

Cleaning Up after themselves is always something that is important to learn because as one gets older this comes in handy in keeping their room clean and tidy and eventually even their house. Additionally this one also helps in finding items as the child knows where each of their belongings are.



Sharing is something school extensively helps one learn as we all know the saying sharing is caring. In the schools case sharing would include sharing their pencils, erasers and lunches but as children grow up they might be inclined towards charity and giving back as a form of sharing is caring.


Washing Hands Frequently

Washing Hands is something that people took very seriously during the pandemic but it is also something that we should teach our kids about doing especially after getting home from the outside world that is full of germs that might cause harm or get us sick and before having lunch or dinner.


Caring for Their Mental Health

Mental Health is something that has been talked about extensively in the past few years but wasn’t a very discussed topic before that, hence it is possible that you might not have been taught about mental health as you were growing up.

But, that needs to change as you should talk to your child about mental health and how they are feeling. A Good Start might be asking about their day and what happened throughout the day, this will help them confide in you and talk about everything that happened sparing no detail.


Being Patient

Patience isn’t really a habit but it is still a trait that your child should possess in this internet world, it is still important to be patient because good things come to those who wait. You could start by telling them a story about patience whether it is one from the internet or something you’ve learned from personal experience.


Being Respectful

Respect is an important thing in life and often being respectful of others is often one of the easiest ways to win someone’s respect.


Being Polite

Politeness is something we should all learn about and inturn teach our kids about as well.


If you liked this article about 10 good habits for kids, or you think we left something out let us know in the comments down below. Here’s an article we think you’d like:- 5 Fun At Home Activities for Kids.


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