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6 Easy Paintings for Kids

Painting is a fun art and craft activity for everyone, especially for kids as it acts as a creative outlet. Having a creative outlet is important for kids as it allows them to express themselves which becomes an important skill later in life. Paintings can be made in several ways whether it be oil paintings, water colors or Acrylic. A Painting by your own child can be hung up across your house to give them the recognition they deserve. We came up 6 different and easy paintings for kids: –

easy paintings for kids
Photo By Dragos Gontariu On Unsplash

1. Animals

Kids seem to love animals whether it is drawing them or painting them. Animals are always a fun and easy way to get you kids painting journey started while providing an easy and open topic, so that their creativity can go wild.

Animals allow for everything from a large time-consuming portrait of a single herd of elephants or deers to a complete detailed landscape that covers the whole forest.

Painting animals is also fun because your child will have to get creative since animals have different species and kinds, they get to choose what kind of animal to pain in what kind of environment.


2. Scenery

If animals aren’t your child’s thing. A scenery is the perfect option as it requires an intense amount of creativity and can be as a simple as a sunset between the mountains.

Sceneries also include a variety of natural environments like a river going across a forest, an island with the sunny day, and even a skyline of New York City at Night.


3. Cartoon characters

Cartoon Characters are almost always a fun idea. Maybe your child loves Peppa Pig or Ben 10, it doesn’t matter because painting a cartoon character allows mixing of a child’s 2 adorations together, cartoons and art.

Whether it is Painting Ben 10 or Peppa it won’t hard to paint, because there is always a fun painting tutorial on YouTube for your kid to watch and learn how to paint their favourite cartoon characters.

It’s always a good idea to ask your child to paint something they haven’t seen happen in the show as it allows your child imagination to go wild as it demands them to think thoroughly as they will have to bring that same piece to life.


4. Book Characters

If cartoon characters don’t sound like a good idea, but your child loves to read. Book Characters might be the correct choice for easy paintings for kids.

Whether it is Harry from Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, it is almost always fun to bring a scene from your imagination to life.

Recreating moments from the book can be a tricky job as the book only provides some relevant information as to where the scene takes place but not a complete description of the space allowing the reader’s or in this case painter’s imagination to fill in the rest of the details required.


5. Their Day

Painting their day is a topic that requires a certain combination of creativity and realism to pull off correctly. This requires the young ones to think their piece thoroughly and then bring it to life.

This one also allows you to ask questions (Remember to ask Open-ended Questions) and for them to you about their day as they create their masterpiece.

This Topic also comes in handy after you’ve just spent a day to remember and you can turn it into a memoir. They can relive the whole day and the best moments turn into a painting that you can hang on the wall to remember what a wonderful day you spent.


6. Movie Characters

Whether it is Anna and Elsa or Buzz and Woody, painting them is a fun activity for your kids. It helps them develop a sense of behind the scenes view about how all these movies are made.

You could even let their imagination go crazy and ask them to make another adventure for buzz and woody or Elsa and Anna or even for all 4 of them together. What would be even crazier? Asking them to paint a movie that they made, the craziest part you could make that movie a reality someday.

If you liked this article about easy paintings for kids or want more ideas about paintings for kids, let us know in the comments. Here is an article we think you’d like Drawing idea for kids.


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