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Importance Of English For Kids | 5 Valuable Reasons To Learn English

The English language is the world’s most widely regarded language; it would be difficult step foot in any part of the world without knowledge of the English Language. This article will discuss the importance of English for kids.

In India even though it is not an official language, English is spoken by many as a second or even third language. So, English has grown to become such a popular language that you can almost travel the whole country with even knowing how to say ‘Namaste’ and you’d still be okay.

But, the leading reason for most Indians to learn English is Employ-ability. In India, the most companies require you to be able to speak and understand English.

What is the Importance Of English Language, Anyways ?

There are several other reasons for the Importance Of English for your kids: –

importance of english
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1. Children Learn Languages Easier

There have been many studies conducted to ascertain the reason behind this, but the result has varied from study to study. But the fact remained that children learn languages easier than adults do.

Children below the age of ten have an easier time learning a foreign language because our mind at a young age is more open to new sounds and as we get older it becomes difficult to speak with a foreign accent.

Some research even concluded that a young child up to the age of five can process 5 different languages, but the experts largely agree that a bi lingual approach is best suited for a young child.

2. Business and School are in English

The majority of schools across the country have now switched to English as their primary language rather than their regional language or Hindi. The reasoning behind this decision is believed to be that students often dropped out after high school because of their inability to understand English at a college level.

The Business world also operates almost exclusively in English, not just India and a few other English-Speaking Countries but across the globe. You could even go as far as saying that English is the primary language of the corporate world. All Meetings and workplace communication take place in the English Language.


3. English is the Media’s Primary Language

Whether it be your favourite Tv Show or a news article published in the BBC, chances are that it is In the English Language.

English is the media’s primary language and there’s no doubt about it. A study conducted about most commonly used languages in Films showed that the 81.4% of Films from 2003-2017 featured English as their primary language.

Most Popular Hollywood movies are dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages eventually. But some popular movies like The Wolf of Wall Street don’t get a Dubbed version ever.

The News also uses the English language, there are a few newspapers that still use regional languages but there aren’t many. Most news outlets have an English version and a Hindi version. Foreign News Outlets are largely always in English.

English it is the best way to get news across the globe in the shortest amount of time.

4. English is the Language of The Internet

While there might be Hindi and other regional language News outlets and Tv Shows. The internet is solely in the English language.

Some of the worlds largest and leading Tech companies are from English speaking countries. Java is English, and so are Netscape and Google.

Google Translate is an option to translate your favourite pages into your language of choice. But that will only get you so far.

Lots of Interesting Websites like Medium, Reddit and the whole of social media exclusively uses English as their language of choice.

While you might get away without English across the internet. All communications all over the internet including work emails are all in the English Language.


5. English is the traveller’s language

Whether you’re boarding a flight from Mumbai to Kochi or To Kuala Lumpur. Your knowledge of the English Language will instil enough confidence in you to return to Mumbai safely.

The popularity and many use cases of the English Language you are bound to find an English speaker. English speakers are scattered across the globe making it easier to communicate in any part of the world. Be it Malaysia or Mexico, your knowledge of the English Language will not let you down.

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