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6 Fun Activities Kids Will Enjoy

According to a study on the NCBI, “Excessive television watching may have a deleterious effect on learning and academic performance”. Since watching too much TV is a problem. It begs the question What are some different activities kids might enjoy?

There are plenty of options out there but these activities need to fulfill a certain set of rules. The rules are as follows: –

  1. The Child has to be able to do it
  2. The Child doesn’t need to be under constant supervision
  3. The Activity is Child friendly in nature
  4. The Child has to actually like the activity and not be forced into it
child reading a book - activities kids will like
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So, we came with 6 fun activities for kids that fulfill these requirements: –


1. Science Experiments

Science can be fun or maybe your child doesn’t like science but they’re definitely going to like science experiments. There is a plethora of experiments that your child can perform on their own with minimal supervision. You can find many of them on YouTube, there are complete channels dedicated to Science Experiments especially designed for children on the Platform. If you have trouble finding a video here’s one, we recommend. And if you ever feel like joining in one day, we got you covered, here is an article full of science experiments you can perform with your children, spending time together and bonding in the process.


2. Books

Spending time with books is one of the activities kids can a learn a lot from. Books require almost no help or input from your end and they keep your child entertained, fascinated and take them along an exciting adventure. In addition to that they keep your children quite which for some is a deserved bonus.

Books have also proven to promote imagination and improve vocabulary. If your child isn’t old enough to read, you could read them books as studies have proven to promote brain development in young children. If you want to do some reading yourself to inspire your child to do the same here are 4 Books about parenting.


3. Exercise/Sports

Sports are a fun activities and they help in keeping your kids physical fitness in check. Studies have proven that exercise help keeping you fit mentally as well, providing stress relief and improvement in mood among other benefits. Sports can also be practiced alone, for example to practice football there are many drills available on YouTube that can be done alone, all you need is a football, the same can be said for a number of different sports played across the globe. If you want so more ideas about exercises for kids here’s an article about that- 6 Fun Exercises for Kids.


4. Build Legos

Legos are a great idea to allow your child’s creativity go wild. There are a lot of things you could build with Lego’s like a school or a police station but the best and the most fun part is building something completely random just with your imagination. This would give your child a sense of accomplishment and also allow them to see their design come to life. Legos don’t require a lot of supervision and also allow your child to express themselves through what they are building. You could even build something together or have a battle of who can build something faster.


5. Dance

This may or may not be your child’s thing but there is no harm in trying. Dancing can be a form of expression and for many a form of escape either from their monotonous life or from the troubles in their life. But dancing is a fun activity and for many it sticks with them for their whole life.

Dance is a form of expression and joy but is also an exercise that they can practice and master overtime. You don’t have to supervise them as they practice and they’re focused and determined to get the move just right so they give it their all. Dancing can also open them up for a plethora of social activities like joining a dance troupe or performing in a competition.


6. Write

Writing is another form of expression that is good for your child. Whether they like it or not is another topic. But journaling has proven to be a great activity for their mental health and it allows them to look back and see what happened on any given day. Writing helps them clear their mind and become more aware of what they did, wrong or right but it will help them not make the same mistakes again.

Writing regularly would also improve your skills which at one point could become a source of income for your child if they choose to write for a living. They could even turn it into a side hustle to earn some coffee money or just some extra income on the side.


If you want liked this article about kids activities and want to read more articles here is an article we recommend- How to Foster a child’s Creativity at a young age.


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