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10 Exciting Games For Kids Online Free To Play

Games are something almost everyone enjoys let alone kids, but sometimes kids want to play games but you have to work to finish or maybe you’re on a long journey and you just want your child occupied for some time. Whatever the reason maybe we compiled 10 free online games for your kids.


These games for kids online free are educational in nature for the most part but some of them are just fun.

1. Find In Mind

Find in Mind is a mind sharpening game designed to keep your child on their toes but also help them in improving their cognitive abilities and also other skills like math. It compiles a plethora of games that go from ascending and descending order to memory games. Best of All, There’s no ads at the time of writing

2. Kids Colour Book

Kids Color Book is exactly what it sounds like a coloring book for kids, that allows them to color different animals that range from a dolphin to a tiger. It also allows you to color using different kinds of paint brushes. This one makes up for a good traveling game since it doesn’t require loads of precision. It Also has a feature to photography you’re coloring to showcase to the rest of the world, what your Picasso has painted. This one is also ad free, at the time of writing.

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe

Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe is a Puzzle game that is difficult enough to take time but fulfilling enough that your kid won’t get bored to give up. It has a variety of options the number of puzzle pieces and also a variety of different puzzles to choose from keeping your young ones entertained for long journey or at least a long time. This one also doesn’t feature any ads which is always a welcomed addition.

4. Word Search Classic

Word Search Classic is another ad free addition to the list. It features a robust list of new words to learn but also keeps it interesting enough to keep playing.  The game features different levels to keep it fun and you can choose different genres to play like sports, animals and films. It also features a hint system and over 120 different word boxes to search from making it plenty before you run out of words to search. The game also features a timer so you could time yourself or even compete with friends and family to see who is the best at Word Searching.

5. Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz combines two worlds together, it shows you a picture and gives you a set of different letters and spaces to assemble the right letters in the correct order in order to score points. The game features a whooping 500 animals on it’s database to keep your young ones thinking and entertained at the same time.

6. Guess The Word: Alien Quest

Guess The Word: Alien Quest is also a bit like animal quiz but instead of showing pictures on animals the theme is switched up to Aliens instead. This one teaches your child how to spell complex words like lightning but with an easy to get behind concept of providing letter spacings as well as hints along the way to make the journey a bit easier. The absence of ads makes this one another easy to recommend educational game.

games for kids online free

7. Soccertastic

Soccetastic: Penalty Shootout is a football penalty shootout game that allows you to take penalties in an intense environment. The aim is to try to score as many penalties as possible while hitting the various bonus targets that popup along various stages of the game. This one is definitely for all the young Messi and Ronaldo Fans out there and even their parents. It is just an overall fun game for all ages and it is also ad free.

8. Basket and Ball

If Soccer isn’t your kid’s thing, Basket and Ball is a basketball game that is just as entertaining, if not more. Here, you play as a ball and try to dunk your self into the basket while collecting stars and dodging different obstacles along the way, This one is another game that is fun to play for all ages and is free of ads as well making it more fun.

9. Arcade Golf Neon

If Neither Football nor Basketball are your games, Arcade golf is another fun to play game that is for the whole family. It features a plethora of different holes and even becomes more fun when you start to play the game and understand the game. The Ad free nature of the game just ads a cherry on top of the cake.

 10. 3D Air Hockey

Remember when you used to go to the arcade with your friends or your family and play a bunch of air hockey and have a blast. Unfortunately, due to the current scenario that might not be possible, but 3D Air Hockey is the next best thing.

If you did play these games for kids online free, please let us know which ones you tried in the Comments. If you liked this article, you can check out more just like these on the Wizaru Blog.


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