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Outdoor Games For Kids | 5 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Outdoor Games for kids almost sound like something from the past because going outside has gone from being an everyday thing to a privilege given to those who seriously needed it in the last past year. But as the pandemic starts to become a part of history and we move on to going back to the offline world after adjusting to the online side of things for the past 2 years, we’re still forgetting about one crucial thing- Our children. According to the US Department for Disease control And Prevention, The early years of a child’s life is crucial for their development. But, due to the pandemic, It wasn’t really possible to go out and let your child experience the beauty of the outside world. So, Here are

5 Outdoor Games for Kids to Enjoy on the Outside:-


Your Childhood Favourites

Some things don’t need to change in order to be fun, that includes your childhood games too. Your own childhood games like Hide and Seek, Kho-Kho and Lock and Key are still the same amount of fun as the good old days, if not more enjoyable. So, why not give these old gems a try and have a blast with your kids. If that seems too little try adding a twist to the original game and try again, maybe this time around it might seem more fun because sometimes it’s not just the games, it’s the people you play with that make it fun and enjoyable.


Indoor Toys

Don’t be afraid to take indoor toys outside. That flat span of grass – sounds like a great field for plastic dinosaurs to play in! Or farm animals! Or you aeroplanes.A chalkboard if there isn’t any pavement out there for chalk. A bubble machine. A set of fishing rods and fish toys with a big bucket for them to fish out of. Some sort of plastic play house. A workbench or plastic BBQ set. Take camping gear out there and let them have fun pretending to camp. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new combinations of toys, maybe something irrational turns out to be the fun part.

Arts and Crafts

Who said arts and crafts are only an indoor thing ? Try taking any stationery you have to the outside world and just give them to your children. This will easily allow you to get at least an hour of calmness while they take inspiration from the beautiful outdoors and draw or paint or colour something into existence. Just be sure to provide the kids with a bit of shade and you’re set for your hour of relaxation.


Ball Games

Whether it be Basketball, Football or Volleyball, it’s all fun with the right kind of playing grounds, so head on out to the nearest football ground or Basketball court and have a blast with your child as they try and score a goal or three pointer. But, since these are team games you might want to coordinate with other parents and help your kids play together and even build a team.


Swimming and Other Pool Games

Since summer is approaching and temperatures start to rise, Visiting the pool is starting to sound more and more appealing. Whether it be just letting your kids have a swim as they splash water over each other and have a blast or taking a few pool toys with you, Visiting the pool in the summer heat is going to be an overall enjoyable experience for the kids and something they are going to remember as a fond memory about their good old days.


If you liked this article about 5 fun outdoor games for kids, or think that we left something out, let us know in the comments down below. Before we leave here’s an  article we think you’d like:- 5 Fun Indoor Games for Kids.


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