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Shows For Kids | 5 Amazing Shows For Kids

While screentime is one of the most talked about topics in the parenting community, there have been times when you just need to put something on the tv and get some important work done or you just want some tv show recommendations for your kids whatever the case might be, we have your back. Since an article published on  Stanford Children  said that you can reduce the harmful effects of digital media by choosing what your child watches, it becomes important  to vet out good shows for them to watch. So, Here are

5 shows for kids to watch that are full of entertainment and fun:-


1. Boss Baby – Back in Business

This spin off show off of the Movie with the same name is something to watch out for it is an example of how to do family entertainment correctly. There is nothing outright offensive, meaning it is suitable for all ages. It has jokes that all ages can enjoy, meaning the entire family can watch without anyone becoming bored. There is an overall plot-line throughout the series, however individual episodes also have well-defined plots motivated by a meaningful message. The voice acting is good, and the animation is charming and of a consistently good standard. On top of this, it also hints at more adult topics without actually touching on them, blurring the difficult line between challenging children with more adult content or sheltering them.


2. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a funny, light hearted and captures the innocence of childhood perfectly. I love the fact that there only seems to be Peppa’s family and a few friends in the whole world. There are no fences to gardens and the whole world revolves around the family. This is exactly how childhood feels within a stable loving family. Everything is simple and straightforward with plenty of funny moments added in for good measure. Daddy Pig is a lovely caricature of dads everywhere and often makes you smile. The animation is quite fun to watch and the colour palette is vibrant and easy to watch as well.

3. Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

Mr. Bean is quite childlike in his nature. We don’t know where he comes from or who his parents are or anything else. We see him constantly try to handle life on earth without guidance unless you count his teddy bear as his true companion. He seems clueless yet he continues to drive around his little yellow car and act quite naive. We barely hear him talk. The character of Mr. Bean is one to study. He appeals to a wide audience who may not get British humour. This show is fun not only for the kids but might also seem like a good show to watch with the family as a whole.


4. Scooby Doo, Where are You!

Scooby Doo, Where are You! Is the show where the franchise started and is a classic. The great thing about this show is that on the surface its premise is so simple, and yet underneath all that you have five characters who on their own would be useless, but together form an awesome team. The premise and standard storyline is often mocked, but it is effective, and brought to life by a brilliant original voice team, headed up by Casey Kasem. There have been so many other TV shows based on the characters, as well as films etc, but they all take their inspiration from this original legendary TV series from 1969.


5. We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is a delight. An animated series appropriate for all ages with bits of character business? With character development? With unique story points and twists you never see coming? These kinds of qualities are more often praised as elements of a critically acclaimed live action drama. But they are part of these 9 minute mini-masterpieces. But if I say that, it will get your hopes up too high, won’t it? So forget all that. It’s funny. The characters are likeable, the situations are interesting, the animation is clever without attracting attention to itself. It Surprises you, every episode It makes you laugh, every episode.

If you liked this article about 5 shows for kids, or think the we missed something, Let us know in the comments. And before we leave here’s an article we think you’d like: – 5 Tips for Parents That Would Be Helpful.


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