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3 Valuable Short English Stories For Kids

Kids love to hear stories and listen to poems but it is not possible to remember so many stories, at one point you need a short story. Stories not only keep your children away from their screens all day but also boosts listening and speaking skills according to School Bag. These Short English Stories For Kids with a moral will also teach kids valuable lessons about friendship and honesty. So, we came up with 3 Different short english stories for kids: –

The Hermit and The Mouse

the sage and the mouse - short stories for kids
Image- Mocomi

In the city of Mahilaropya, there was a saint who lived a totally simple life. Every day, he would pass into the city searching for alms. He would then prepare his meals and distribute the leftovers to the disciples who helped him take care of the temple. Though the disciples had been grateful for the hermit, they faced a common trouble- a troublesome mouse.

There was a mouse close to the temple which might eat all of the leftovers before the hermit could even distribute it to the people. The hermit decided to place the leftovers in an earthen pot and hang it off of the roof in the hopes that the mouse won’t be capable of reaching it. But the mouse formed a pile out of all of the stolen food and used the pile to climb up and steal food from the hanging pot. The disciples and the hermit had been baffled by how the mouse was managing to steal food.

One day, the hermit’s friend observed him looking sad and frustrated. When wondered about his state, the hermit informed him about the story of the thieving mouse and his failure to get rid of it. The friend thought about the problem and advised that the hermit should destroy the pile of food because that’s what’s helping the mouse reach the meals. Taking his friend’s advice, the hermit burnt the pile of food to the ground. Without its pile of meals, the mouse couldn’t attain the meals and steal it anymore. After attempting for a few days, the mouse left the temple searching for a new source of meals.

Moral: A true friend will help you when life gets tough.


The Monkey and the Crocodile

the monkey and the crocodile
Image-Moral Stories

There was a monkey who lived on a Jamun tree at the banks of a river. Once a crocodile came to rest below the Jamun tree and the monkey offered him a number of the sweet fruit from the tree. The crocodile loved the fruit and he became good buddies with the monkey. He frequently came back to visit the monkey and eat the sweet jamuns.

One day he told the monkey he would take back some fruit to share with his wife. The crocodile’s wife devoured the fruit and told her husband to bring her the monkey’s heart because it’d be sweeter since he ate the jamuns every day. The crocodile refused as the monkey was his friend. But whilst the wife insisted, the crocodile sadly agreed. He went to the monkey and told him that he would love to take him to meet his wife. The monkey happily agreed and jumped onto the crocodile’s back. As the crocodile took him deep into the waters, the monkey got scared.

Seeing his fear, the crocodile confessed his plan. The quick-thinking monkey told the crocodile that he would gladly deliver his heart but that, unfortunately, he had left it safely in the hollow of the tree. So, he requested the crocodile to take him again to the tree. The silly crocodile believed him. When they reached the tree, the monkey speedy climbed up and never came back down again. The crocodile found out he had been tricked and went away.

Moral of the story: It is crucial to think fast and find solutions when faced with a tough or difficult situation, instead of giving in to your fears.


Rescuing a Friend

the four friends and the hunter
Image – Agoz

Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest full of lush green trees, plants and wildlife. There were 4 best friends in the forest: a deer, a crow, a rat and a turtle. They lived happily together, played and had fun.

One day a hunter broke into the forest and captured the deer that was hanging around under a tree. The deer tried to escape the net, but to no avail.The deer’s friends came running when they heard the deer’s cries for help, watched the immobile deer trapped under the net and immediately made a plan to help him.   First the turtle distracted the hunter. When the hunter was busy looking for the turtle, the crow pretended to peck the deer as if it were dead. Meanwhile the rat was chewing the net. Within a few minutes the deer was free and all friends escaped.


Moral of the story: Real buddies continually assist every different irrespective of the situation.


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  1. Stories not only keep your children away from their devices throughout the day, but they also help them improve their listening and speaking skills. Children can learn essential lessons about friendship and honesty from stories with a moral. Thanks!

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