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Activities for Kids | 5 Fun At Home Activities for Kids

The question is

Why do you need  At Home activities for kids ?

A study conducted in the US found out that an increased screen time does lead to less overall and night-time sleep.  But, these products are built to keep you looped in for as long as possible and children are the most influenceable to this problem as they are tech savvy but easily influenced. In an ideal scenario, you wouldn’t let your kids use phones at all unless they genuinely require them and that too would be supervised but since the pandemic has caused schools to go online, a screen free or even regulated screen times for children are hard to manage with everything that has transpired. So, we thought about bringing a few at home activities for kids to enjoy and bond over together:-


1. Lego

The famous Lego building blocks are one of the best investments you can make for your child as these aren’t just a game to build a single action figure but also can be used to bring your child’s imaginations to life with a plethora of other projects your child can work on. This can also be used as a bonding activity as you and your child can build a particular set together and bond over this particular moment. You can even then go the extra mile and display these projects around your house, promoting and fostering your child’s creative side while giving them the recognition that these little artists deserve.


2. Board Games

We all have played Board Games sometime during our childhood. Whether it was snakes and ladders with our siblings or Carrom with our friends. These board games were the cornerstone of fun during our childhood summer nights or during the heavy rains when you couldn’t go out and play. So, we feel that it is important that this generation also knows the fun and excitement one can get from these board games. You can even make it into a regular fun bonding activity that you all can enjoy every Saturday night or Sunday morning instead of watching old and boring television or even the next gen of on demand content.


3. Card Games

Uno is the standard card game for every fun sleepover party so we thought why not have more fun with it and include other card games available on the market. These card games are usually inexpensive and allow you to bond and see your child in a different light. While Uno is the most popular and well known out of the bunch, a few other fun card games include the likes of go fish and crazy eights as these can be played with a regular set playing cards. You could even teach your kids fancy shuffling techniques and even how to do other card tricks on the side.


4. Reading

Fun and games aside, reading is one of the most important lifelong habits that you can inculcate in your kids from a young age. If your child isn’t old enough to read you can read them stories and if they are you’re in luck because the internet has some of the best  recommendations for your kids to read. Reading has been proven time and again to be skill worth the time as it not only improves vocabulary but also fosters your child’s creativity and helps them express themselves by the medium of writing. It can also prove to be useful in other manners as a book can become a source of inspiration and can lead your child towards something beautiful


5. Science Experiments

Now would be the time to bring out the scientist in your child and yourselves because Science experiments are not only fun but educational at the same time. These experiments can be found online or in a science textbook and can be performed with or without supervision depending on the experiment. These can also lead to your child taking an avid interest in science and could open more doors in the future for them.


If you liked this article about 5 at Home activities for kids or think we missed something, let us know in the comments below. Here’s an article we think you’d like : – 6 Fun Exercises For Kids.


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