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2 Amazing Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime stories for kids are very popular you’ve probably heard some but inevitably you will run out of stories at one point in time. To help you make sure that that does not happen we have compiled a few bedtime stories for kids, Screen Time before sleep is a bad idea so bought you Bedtime Stories.


The Faithful Mongoose


Once a Brahmin called Deva Sharma resided in a town. His wife delivered a boy and on the same time a mongoose died soon after giving birth to a male child. His wife Brahmini adopted the mongoose baby as well and began taking care of it with equal love and care and attention as she showed her son. Yet the Brahmini never ever left her son alone simply because she would not trust the mongoose, worrying that the mongoose may harm her son.


One day, leaving for the river to bring water, the Brahmini told her husband, “My dear! I am going to get drinking water, see that the mongoose doesn’t harm the child, ” and left. Deva Sharma answered, “Don’t worry my dear! He is sleeping peacefully on the cradle. “

The Brahmini said, “I know that. However I’m concerned about the mongoose, that he may hurt our child. ” As soon as she left, the Brahmin also left the home to beg for alms, leaving the house vacant.

Just then, a black cobra crept into the house and moved gradually towards the sleeping baby. The mongoose who was around, noticed the cobra and fearing danger to the son from the Brahmin, attacked him. He fought fiercely with the cobra and tore him to pieces, spreading the bits everywhere. He was happy that he had rescued the baby. When the Brahmini entered, he imagined she would be happy to discover that he had killed the cobra.

So , with blood trickling in his mouth, the mongoose ran out to greet the Brahmini. The Brahmini, looking at the blood on the mongoose’s mouth, was so surprised that she assumed, “Oh God! What has he done to my child! He must have killed him… “

In a blind anger, without looking around, the Brahmini dropped the water-pot on the cute little mongoose who died immediately. Leaving behind the little mongoose lying dead at that very spot she went inside, and found her son sleeping quietly. She saw a dead cobra nearby. Realising the mistake she had made, she thought, “Oh god, what have I done? What a wretch I am! “

Birbal And The Shah Of Persia

Persia was a country far away from Agra. People who had been to Agra, told the Shah of Persia many stories about the great Emperor Akbar and his minister, Birbal. They all praised the witty and clever Birbal and his ever-ready answers.  The Shah of Persia was eager to meet Birbal and test him to see if he was clever. So the Shah sent a man to invite Birbal to Persia.

As Persia was far from Agra, the messenger took many months to reach Akbar’s court. On reaching, he conveyed the Shah’s invitation to Birbal.  Birbal took permission from Emperor Akbar and set off for Persia along with the messenger. They reached Persia after a long journey and Birbal was asked to take some rest. The next day he was invited to meet the Shah.

In court, he saw a strange scene. There were five people dressed in similar clothes, all like kings. They all sat on the same kind of thrones and they all behaved in the same manner. The man with Birbal said, “Go and meet the Shah of Persia.”

Birbal knew that he had to bow before the Shah and offer his respects but he had never seen the Shah before. How could he recognize the Shah as all the five men were dressed alike? Birbal looked at the five men sitting on the thrones, from right to left and then left to right, again and again.

Then he went in front of one of them and greeted, “Oh! Great Shah of Persia! Emperor Akbar sends his regards and gifts for you, Your Highness. Have I guessed correctly that out of the five, you are the Shah of Persia?” “Yes Birbal, you have guessed correctly. I did this to test you. You are clever. I am the real Shah of Persia. Welcome to Persia. But tell me how you recognize me?”

Birbal smiled and said, “Your Majesty. It was quite simple. When I was looking at you, all these other four men looked at you to see your reaction as the subjects always look up to their king for everything. They looked at you wondering as to what you were thinking. But you were not looking at them. You were looking straight at me. So I knew that you were the real Shah of Persia.”

“Birbal, you are very clever,” said the Shah of Persia.”I am so glad to meet you. Now I know why everyone always praises you. Well done Birbal.”

The Shah of Persia then honoured Birbal with the title,’Ocean of Intelligence’, for being so clever and also presented him many gifts when Birbal returned to Akbar’s court.


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