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6 Games for Kids Birthday Parties To Level Up The Fun

Birthday Parties are fun all ages from toddlers to adults everyone loves a good birthday party. Parties are a way to get together and do something fun, whether it be playing games or just talking or something in between. Sometimes at parties you need something to light the spark and get the birthday party started. And this calls for some super fun games for kids birthday parties. This can occur at any party but we focus on kids’ birthday parties here. Kids, love to play games so here are some games for kids birthday parties to get the party started: –


Musical Chairs

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Musical Chairs is a Classic One, and it can played almost anywhere. It’s easy to understand for kids and even fun for older kids. You’ll need a few chairs, a speaker and some music to get the party started. The game rules are simple, once the music stops everyone has to sit on a chair, the ones left standing are then eliminated out of the game. The chairs start decreasing as more and more players get eliminated, until only one chair is left for the final round. The one who sits on the chair in the final round wins the game and a special prize.


Pass the Parcel

pass the parcel - games for kids birthday parties
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Continuing the theme of playing music, Pass the Parcel is one of the most successful games for kids birthday parties. For older children, you can adjust the game’s elimination forfeit, similar to the movie welcome, but with a little less risk. All you need is something to pass, a circle of players, a speaker, and some music.

The premise of the game is that all players sit in a circle and pass a package while the music is playing, if the music stops the player who possess the package and may have to do a forfeit challenge, according to the set rules of the game Players gradually drop out and the last person who doesn’t have the package at the end wins and takes home a special prize for their victory.


Pin the Tail

pin the tail on the donkey - the crafting chicks
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Pin the Tail is another fun party game for all ages, be it toddlers or teenagers. All you need is a picture of an animal and a tail. This requires a bit of preparation; you will need to add a magnet to the tail so that it sticks to the photo. Then, stick the photo onto your fridge and you can get started.

Get the kids to line up and blindfold them, have them spin around 10 times and then all they have to do is stick the donkey’s tail at the right place but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The first player to accomplish the task gets a prize. Isn’t it one of the most exciting games for kids birthday parties?



 twister - games for kids birthday parties

Twister is the ultimate party game for all ages. It provides an easy-to-follow list of instructions and is fun for the whole family. It best works as a grand finale for the party and the winner get the ultimate prize. All you need is a group of people, a twister mat and a spinner.

Have the finale participants line up and spin the spinner, where ever the spinner lands they have to put a hand or leg there. The last person standing(literally) wins the game. It is a fun to play game for both the players and the spectators as it provides some truly hilarious moments. You can also use other methods to play the game to make it more enjoyable and fun to watch.


Treasure Hunt

 treasure hunt

If you are in a large space, a treasure hunt is the best thing to do as it excites everyone, including the kids. Treasure hunt works best when you’re in an outdoor situation but a large indoor space is just as good. It is an easy to organize event with a very fun outcome for everyone involved (even those watching). All you need a series of clues and worthy enough prize to hide.  After that you’re all set, let the games begin and see the kids go into a frenzy in order to find the ultimate prize.


Balloon Pop

games for kids birthday parties


This is one of the games for kids birthday parties that they will love. Balloon Pop is a favorite among all ages. All you need is a bunch of balloons for this one. Start by filling up the balloons and keeping them aside. Then start a timer for a minute. Here’s the fun part of it, the kids need to burst the balloons as many balloons as they can within a minute without using their hands or legs. This will make for an interesting watch as the kids use different parts of their bodies to try and burst as may balloons in order to secure the win.

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