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3 Easy Steps To Learn Guitar Online | A Beginner-Friendly Guide For Kids

Imagine, you’re on the stage with your guitar in hand, ready to mesmerize the huge crowd of audience. Then, with shivers of excitement, you gently strung the first chord. Everyone is cheering and applauding as you begin to sing. And there you sing with a voice that charms! Woah, imagination takes us to a different world, isn’t it? Well, this blog will help you turn imagination into reality as you will know how to learn guitar online in the right way.

The first phase of learning chords could be a little intimidating. So many chords could leave you baffled. However, if one does the learning in the right way, there is nothing arduous in learning guitar chords.

What Are Chords?

guitar chords-best online guitar classes

Before we start with how to learn guitar chords, let us know about what chords are and how they function.

A chord comprises two or more notes. While some chords are made of only two notes, there are many consisting of more than 4 notes. The chords that are a combination of two notes are beginner-friendly.

Chords are the base element of a guitar. Learning a few basic chords will help you learn and play several songs. Well begun is half done, and so, beginners should know which chords to learn first and discover the correct way to play.

How To Learn Guitar Online With Chord Diagrams?

You can learn chords with the help of chord diagrams. Whether you learn guitar online or join an offline class, these diagrams will be the common source of learning for you.

Curious to know how the diagram makes learning chords easier? Let’s begin

  • A chord diagram represents the neck of a guitar; it appears as you are seeing the guitar in front of you. The bass string is present on the left, also known as the low E string.
  • The tiny squares are a symbol of frets.
  • The black color numbered circles guide you where to place your fingers. The numbers are attached to indicate the position of your fingers. 1 is the index and 4 is the little finger.
  • When there is a cross over any rope, it indicates that the rope should not be played.
  • A round over a rope tells you to play ‘open string’ referring to playing without pressing the square.

Which Chords To Learn First?

Now that we know how to learn guitar chords with the help of diagrams, it’s time to know which chords to start with.

You should start with learning the open chords when you are a complete beginner. These chords are easy to learn as they require little finger strength to be played. Beginning with open chords will keep you motivated and encourage you further to learn more.

  1. Begin with learning A, E, and D major chords

a chord - learn guitar online learn guitar online learn guitar online

These chords will help you play thousands of songs and learn a simple chord progression in western music.

By seeing the above chord diagram, you will be placing your index finger between the three-chord shapes. Using the index finger will ensure smooth changes between the chords.
You can play some popular songs with these chords, such as “Three Little Birds” and “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, and more.


  1. Learn Em (E minor) chords

e minor
Image – Liberty Park Music

As a beginner, you can also try hands on the Em chord. It will help you learn one more chord progression.


  1. Learning G, Cadd9, Em7, D/F#

g major c addition to nine e minor d slash f sharp


Next, you can move to these simple chords. These chord progressions are easy as you have to move only 2 fingers between the chord shapes. Playing them is quite simple, but their names might confuse you. So, let’s know them better.

The first one, that is G, is a simple G major chord. The second one is Cadd9, referring to “C add nine”. It means a C major chord combined with an additional ninth above the root of the chord.The next is the E minor chord.The last chord is the D/F# chord, referring to “D slash F sharp”. It is a D major chord, the F sharp indicates that you shall play an F# note as the bass note.

In the course of how to learn guitar chords, these chords pertain to level two. They are a little more difficult to play than the A, E, D chords as you have to use 4 fingers and frets too.

Once you master these chords, you will be able to play some of the best melodies like “Good Riddance” by Green Day, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, and “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

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